7 Strains for ‘Star Wars’ Fans

Star Wars

Photo of Star Wars cosplay by Doug Kline.

Since 1977, fans of “Star Wars” looking to fill their lives with as much branded merchandise as possible have had little trouble doing so, with their favorite characters adorning everything from bed sheets to cleaning products. This year, official endorsements and branded marijuana strains from celebrities like Willie Nelson and The Weeknd have become big business in the marijuana world, and while none of the following strains are officially endorsed or approved by the people behind the “Star Wars” phenomenon, they do exist.

Darth Vader OG

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a strain named for a tragic villain best known for mercilessly slaughtering his opponents might make for a harsh buzz, but this indica is said to be great for treating insomnia. Hopefully not through cutting off blood supply to the brain via a brutal Force choke.

Death Star

Don’t let the name trick you into thinking that this indica strain is some sort of ultimate killing machine marred by a fatal flaw, in actuality it is supposedly “a blast of potent euphoria that annihilates stress and tension,” and not entire civilizations.

Yoda OG

Named for the world famous creepy green recluse with more riddles than answers, this indica is recommended to insomniacs and said to increase appetite. As for whether users will find themselves aping Yoda’s famous gibberish syntax, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Master Jedi

Another apparently super relaxing indica, this one combines citrus, pine, and lemon flavors. Not flavors that spring to mind when one pictures a Jedi, necessarily…all those beards and dingy robes evoke something much earthier, but maybe questioning what a Jedi would taste like is beside the point when, as one reviewer on Leafly.com states, the strain delivers an “Awesome high…not overwhelming in proper doses.”

Skywalker OG

Luke Skywalker was a frustrated farm boy who yearned for a life of among the stars only to discover the heavy price of adventure, and this hybrid has caused “strong body effects that include mild tingling and numbness” in some users. Maybe that’s a reference to the robot hand Luke gets after Vader cuts off his real one? Like the fake hand feels numb and tingly? Or maybe a name is just a name, sometimes.


Star Wars fans have been debating the merits of these ferocious, furry warriors since they first appeared in Return of the Jedi. Some see them as nothing more than a cynical creation geared towards creating merchandise for children, others don’t care. Pretty much everyone who has sampled this hybrid agrees to its quality, though, and its effectiveness at treating insomnia and chronic pain helped it win the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup.

Jedi Kush

According to TheNorthwestLeaf.com, “Jedi Kush is an excellent medication for cerebral stimulation and a potent treatment for anxiety and depression.” Pretty much like all the rest of them, then.

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