Aloha Green Harvests First Legal Hawaiian Medical Marijuana Crop

Aloha Green Harvests First Legal Hawaiian Medical Marijuana Crop

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On May 16, 2017, Aloha Green Holdings, a licensed dispensary based in Oahu and one of the first two dispensaries approved to grow medical marijuana in the state of Hawaii, announced that it had harvested its first crop of Hawaiian medical marijuana.

“The harvest comprised of an above average yield of eight different strains of cannabis with varying levels of THC and CBD content,” Aloha Green said in a statement, as reported by Pacific Business News.

Aloha Green’s harvest represents not only the dispensary’s first harvest, but also the first legal Hawaiian medical marijuana crop to be harvested in the state.

While the Hawaii State Department of Health had initially scheduled July 15, 2016, as opening day for dispensaries, delays in lab certification have prevented Hawaiian medical marijuana from hitting the shelves.

“As soon as a testing laboratory is certified by the DOH, Aloha Green will announce plans to begin retail dispensary operations,” the dispensary added.

According to Pacific Business News, the DOH currently has lab applications from Steep Hill Hawaii, Clinical Labs and PharmLabs Hawaii, none of which have been approved yet.

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