AnnaBís Introduces High-Fashion, Cannabis-Toting Handbags


Are you a marijuana enthusiast sick of the limited amount of product and number of accessories you’re able to carry around due the size of your pockets? Are you tired of friends, family, and co-workers complaining that you reek of weed? Sure, you could triple bag everything and stuff it under some t-shirts at the bottom of a ratty old backpack, but backpacks are for children and drifters. Wouldn’t you rather look good?

Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch are self-described “fashionable women of means,” but it’s not enough that they look good; they want you to look good, too. That’s why they created AnnaBís, a line of handbags and clutches specifically crafted for users who appreciate the sweet leaf and high fashion in equal measure, but who don’t necessarily want every Uber driver they encounter throughout the course of the day knowing their personal business.

According to their website, AnnaBís is “…the first fashion brand for the elegant woman who cares about every detail of her lifestyle, even the hidden one. Crafted of fine leathers, intricate jacquard interiors, and designed by people who sketch for Isaac Mizrahi, Coach and Federated, these high quality accessories are right at home around high society. Incredibly functional, they are outfitted with secret compartments and tiny little aroma-locking innovations to safely carry a stash of stinky French cheeses or your exotic greens. AnnaBís is on a mission to make women feel free and sophisticated when they carry their medicine, recreational supplies, or both. It’s legalized, we’re making it civilized.”

The Melissa Multicase, a small clutch that retails for $175, has room for two medicine containers, a vape, eye drops, a lighter, and mints. The Chelsea Cross Body bag retails for $295 and includes a secret compartment built into the bottom big enough to carry enough marijuana to get you sentenced to decades behind bars in some states. All of AnnaBís products are treated with AnnaBís odor-loc technology, which “consists of odor-blocking layers of resin film used in the food, medical and electronics industries. Construction is durable, flexible, light weight and heat resistant and is sealed with an airtight zipper so the scent of the cannabis stays where it belongs.”

There’s probably something to be said for the undercurrent of shame that runs through a lot of the copy on the AnnaBís website—is anyone still that concerned with their cannabis use staying so secret? Also, imagine if someone sold a line of bags with hollow plastic bottoms that daytime drinkers could fill with gin and secretly slurp throughout the day…how classy would that seem?

Anyway, the bags are lovely, and the company donates $10 from every sale to Realm of Caring, a medical marijuana organization. Women who use medical marijuana are also given 20 percent off all purchases through the website.

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