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Maryland Audit of the Medical Cannabis Commission

On May 3, 2017, the Maryland Office of Legislative Audits released a fiscal compliance audit of the state’s regulatory services, including an examination of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s contracting of Towson University to process and evaluate applications for cultivation, processing and dispensing.

Marijuana Bankruptcy Letter from U.S. Trustee Program

On April 26, 2017, Clifford White, the Deputy Director/General Counsel of the U.S. Trustees Program in the Department of Justice, sent a letter to 1,100 private trustees who administer bankruptcy cases, advising them to dismiss bankruptcy cases that involve marijuana assets.

NYSDFS Letter to Insurers Regarding Medical Marijuana

A letter issued on April 12, 2017, from the New York State Department of Financial Services that reminds insurers authorized in New York State that they must provide coverage for office visits for covered services, including those that result in medical marijuana certification, as long as the office visit wasn’t solely for the purpose of medical marijuana certification.

Rohrabacher Letter to House Appropriations Subcommittee

On April 4, 2017, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif, sent a letter co-signed by 43 members of the House of Representatives urging the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies to include a provision in the fiscal year 2018 spending bill that would prevent the Department of Justice from prosecuting those who are in compliance with state medical marijuana laws.

Letter from Four Governors to Jeff Sessions

On April 3, 2017, the governors of the first four states to have legal recreational cannabis sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, requesting that the Trump Administration maintain current policies on federal marijuana law enforcement.

Memorandum for All United States Attorneys

This 2013 memorandum from the U.S. Deputy Attorney General to all United States attorneys provides additional guidelines for federal investigators and prosecutors regarding the sale and distribution of marijuana in the states where it is legal for medical purposes. It outlines the priorities of the federal government in monitoring criminal activity related to the drug and encourages strong local regulation in states that have made medical marijuana legal.

Medical Marijuana RFI Issued by Ohio Department of Commerce


South Carolina\’s Legislative Process

How a bill becomes a law in South Carolina. This document, from the clerk of the SC House of Representatives, printed in 2010, includes an extraordinarily complex flow chart. It also emphasizes that most of the tricky work of drafting takes place in committee, not on the floor of either of the two chambers involved.

Colorado Retail Marijuana Code: R 100 Series

Definition of terms used by the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue, in Colorado. Includes a three part definition of “good cause” for purposes of denying an application for a license to sell marijuana, or for its renewal or reinstatement. Good cause includes for example, a violation of “any of the terms, conditions, or provisions of the Retail Code, any rules promulgated pursuant to it,” etc. It may also include failure to comply with “special terms or conditions” imposed by the State Licensing Authority, or the operation of a licensed premise in a manner “that adversely affects the public health or welfare … .”

McCrory’s Sunny Hill Nursery v. Florida Department of Health

A settlement dated Dec. 12, 2016, in McCrory’s Sunny Hill Nursery v. Florida Department of Health, with the DOH acknowledging McCrory’s Sunny Hill Nursery should have received a license to a be a dispensing organization in Central Florida and approving the organization for a dispensing license, making it the seventh licensee in the state.


Canada\’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

On Aug. 11, 2016, Health Canada announced that it had replaced the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations with the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, as prompted by the Federal Court of Canada’s decision in Allard v. Canada. The ACMPR went into effect on Aug. 24, 2016.

California Treasurer John Chiang’s Letter to Prospective Members of Cannabis Banking Working Group

California Treasurer John Chiang’s letter to prospective members of cannabis banking working group regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in California via Proposition 64.

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