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California Medical Marijuana Identifcation Card Data

This one-page April 2015 report from the California Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program of California details the number of California Medical Marijuana Identification Cards issued by county in each fiscal year, from 2004-5 through 2014-5. The 2014-5 data is based on cards issued through March 2015. The report also shows a total for all the counties put together, for each fiscal year, and a total for each county for all fiscal years put together.

California Medical Marijuana Program Facts and Figures

This one-page April 2015 report from the California Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program of California details key numbers and information for the program, such as the number of ID cards issued, ID card fees and the names of the counties that have implemented the program. The program began in May 2005 with 3 pilot counties and expanded statewide in August 2005.

Impacts From Marijuana Cultivation in Northern California

This 2013 report from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Branch examines the natural resource impacts of marijuana cultivation, such as water diversion, the release of pollutants, the lack of stream protection areas (and therefore wildlife protection), and the conversion/fragmentation of land. Preliminary results indicate that it is highly likely that marijuana cultivation in the four study watersheds has significant negative effects on watershed health and sensitive aquatic species.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Report 2014

This report from the Michigan Bureau of Health Care Services contains background information about the program as well as: the number of applications filed for registry identification cards; the number of qualifying patients and primary caregivers approved in each county; the nature of the debilitating medical conditions of the qualifying patients; the number of registry identification cards revoked; the number of physicians providing written certifications for qualifying patients.

Health Concerns Related to Marijuana in Colorado: 2014

This extensive 2014 document from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment examines the potential health effects of marijuana by looking at survey data to establish use patterns, evaluating research on the health effects of marijuana usage and making public health recommendations based on this information.

OLCC 2015-17 Budget Request: Recreational Marijuana

This proposal from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission outlines a comprehensive plan for the implementation of a recreational marijuana program, based on information from Colorado and Washington, including one-time startup costs and how the commission would cover those costs. The marijuana-related programs would be integrated with alcohol-related programs to minimize organizational inefficiencies. The revenue from marijuana sales is expected to exceed the implementation costs.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Act End of Year Report 2014

This end of year report provides an update to the 2014 Annual Medical Marijuana Report from the Arizona Department of Health Services and the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, and it is a condensed version, containing tables, charts and maps of the data. The end of year report provides information on qualifying patients, designated caregivers, and dispensary agents from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014. In addition, the report contains medical marijuana transaction data for the same time period.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Annual Report 2014

This 2014 report from the Arizona Department of Health Services and the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health provides an overview of the state’s medical marijuana program, which went into effect in 2011. It includes key statistics for the year 2014, such as the number of cardholders, the number of physicians providing certifications to patients, and the number of dispensaries and cultivation sites.

DC Medical Marijuana Program Update May 2015

This document provides an update on the District of Columbia’s Medical Marijuana Program, including: the names of operational and non-operational cultivation centers, and operational and non-operational dispensaries; the number of patient and caregiver registrations, and the male/female breakdown; and a patient breakdown by ward.

OMMP Statistical Snapshot January 2015

This 2015 document from the Oregon Health Authority provides statistics on Oregon’s medical marijuana program, including patients, caregivers, growers and grow sites. It also includes numbers of physicians associated with the program and the medical conditions that medical marijuana is being used to treat. There is a chart that shows a growing number of applications for the program from 2011 to 2015 and notes the legislative measures regarding medical marijuana that were passed during that time.

Colorado Edibles Work Group Report

House Bill 14-­1366 directed the State Licensing Authority to promulgate rules by January 1, 2016, requiring that edible retail marijuana products be clearly identifiable. To assist in this process, the bill directed the State Licensing Authority to convene a multi-stakeholder group to make recommendations and give input for the forthcoming rules. This report contains the findings of the working group. It contains 15 recommendations and 44 sub-recommendations.

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