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Marijuana Markets on Both Sides of Niagara Falls

Marijuana Markets on Both Sides of Niagara Falls

Marijuana Markets on Both Sides of Niagara Falls

The California Cannabis Business Expo wound down on March 8, closing with two panels at the Marijuana Investor Summit: one featuring the CEOs of three U.S. based firms active in the cannabis space; the other featuring four business and financial executives from Canada, who could speak to the state of the same industry in a very different legal and cultural context.

After January 2018: Learn to Jump Through California's Hoops

After January 2018: Learn to Jump Through California’s Hoops

in January 2018 two distinct California state laws will come into effect, the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use Marijuana Act, the mandating act for a new adult-recreational industry. So the question is: what hoops is an entrepreneur going to have to jump through to avail himself of this double opportunity?

Horwitz and a Hopeful View of the Trump Effect

Horwitz and a Hopeful View of the Trump Effect

The second day at the California Cannabis Business Expo, Monday, March 6, kicked off with a discussion of the “Trump effect,” by Lawrence W. Horwitz, of Horwitz + Armstrong, a law firm and professional corporation headquartered in Lake Forest, California.

Two Special Guests Kicked Off CannaPitch at the CCBExpo

Two Special Guests Kicked Off CannaPitch at the CCBExpo

CannaPitch, a cannabis industry live pitch session featuring five industry experts as pitch appraisers on the one hand and a unique set of entrepreneurs on the other, proved the highlight of the first day of the California Cannabis Business Expo, in San Diego, on March 5, 2017.

Cannabis in Australia: The Case Against Enthusiasm

Cannabis in Australia: The Case Against Enthusiasm

Gaelan Bloomfield and Ram Venkay, partners in a new investment fund that will be managed from Australia and will focus on Calif.-based cannabis investment opportunities, are notably wary about the prospects at home, Down Under.


Canada, Cannabis and Trudeau: Working from Tea Leaves

Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister of Canada. He earned that office after an election campaign in which the legalization of marijuana was, explicitly, a contested issue.

Judge Breyer

Judge Charles Breyer Gives Teeth to Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment

On Oct. 19, 2015, Charles R. Breyer, a judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, narrowed the scope of an injunction against the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, effectively allowing the MAMM to get back into the business of dispensing pot.

SEC Rules

Cannabusiness Experts Expect SEC Rules Will Matter … Given Time

Randy Shipley, the founder and CEO of, is among those who believe that the new SEC rules will “potentially” have a positive influence on the marijuana industry.


Zynerba: The Need for Speculative Fortitude

Zynerba presented the status of its research program at BIO Investor Forum. This is a 14-year-old annual biotech gathering, with roughly 600 attendees from 21 countries, and the presentation, in San Francisco, looked likely to be a big event in this company’s development.


Botany & Marijuana: Shedding Some White Light

Nick Brumm is the founder of NextLight, a company created to reflect his conviction that, as his website puts it, the quest for a “perfect spectrum” by the makers of purple light emitting diodes is a “gimmick rather than a scientific dispute.”

DATIA and drug testing

Knowing the Dark Side: Hoffman-La Roche and DATIA

Advocates of freedom for adult marijuana use, sales, production, and investment should know their foes, and should know for example that DATIA was the motivating force behind passage of the Drug Testing Integrity Act of 2008.


Crime & Punishment: The Story of Marijuana and Militarized Police

The combat between sovereign authorities on the one hand and the people who pursue the drug trade on the other—inclusive of the marijuana trade—where it remains criminal, has become frighteningly militarized in recent decades.

Hemp-lime building plans

Hemp-Lime as a Promising Building Material

History is full of examples of rational ends reached by irrational means, of expectations dashed only to be in a bigger picture fulfilled. James Savage, an entrepreneur and activist trying to carve out a niche for hemp-based construction, has noticed one recent example.

HerbFront business model

HerbFront Grows: Business Model Evolves

The marijuana industry has arisen through evolution, that is, it has taken shape through a series of ad hoc adaptations allowing for survival in often difficult circumstances—as, presumably, has the underlying botany.


Mizanskey Commutation: One Straw in Missouri Wind

A recent decision by the governor of Missouri has received a good deal of national attention because it is one of many signs that things are headed the other way: authorities are calling a truce in the war on drugs or, at the least, they are muzzling the biggest guns.


Coffee, Competition and Separation Anxiety

In Seattle, the home of grunge fashion, Frasier Crane, the Starbucks Corporation headquarters, Initiative 502 and a pot surplus that has undermined the profitability of the stuff, some have spotted a new trend: THC-infused coffee.


GWPH Business Plan: Alan Brochstein’s Thoughts

Alan Brochstein has followed quite closely recent developments in the medical and financial world insofar as they have affected GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH), the developer of two promising cannabis-based medications.

Religious Freedom

Cannabis Meets Religious Freedom Restoration Act

In 1986 the Oregon Supreme Court decided that Oregon’s controlled-substance statutes violated the “free exercise” clause of the U.S. Constitution in that they outlawed the use of certain drugs, including peyote, while allowing no safe harbor for their religious/sacramental use.


Medical Pot Will Survive the Recreational Onslaught

As a state embraces recreational marijuana, is the prescription-driven medical marijuana industry destined to wither and die? Or does the medical marijuana industry have its own distinct role to play, in a way that may give the host state two parallel but distinct markets for years to come?


The Direction of Change in the Empire State

In 2013 New York State Senator Liz Krueger introduced a bill that would have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Krueger, a Democrat representing Manhattan in Albany, plans to re-introduce that act, apparently with some minor changes, in January 2015.

CannaFundr Merges Crowdfunding and Cannabis

The spirit of the JOBS Act is strong, though its flesh (that is, its actual implementation) is weak. The spirit of that 2012 enactment may have just created an important new conduit for the movement of cash into the growing legal cannabis industry in the United States.

Zoning Towns

Zoning as Trench Warfare: Towns in Massachusetts

Ever since the Supreme Court’s decision in Euclid v. Ambler (1926), zoning power has proved a potent means by which public officials at the municipal level can make street-by-street decisions with enormous impact on the lives of the town’s residents.

Political Races

Marijuana in the Governor’s Races

As election day 2014 nears, the politics of marijuana use, either medical or recreational or both, impinges upon several gubernatorial races: Oregon, Florida, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Colorado.