California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Medical Cannabis Extractors

California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Medical Cannabis Extractors

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On Sept. 29, 2016, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2679, which will protect law-abiding medical cannabis extractors from arrest and prosecution under misapplication of the “meth house statute.”

Under AB 2679, manufacturers of medical cannabis have to comply with new standards made to improve manufacturing safety, requiring them to receive and maintain local approval as well as using self-contained systems that have been independently certified.

“Last year, California took a historic step by regulating medical cannabis to protect patients, businesses, our communities, and the environment. But across the state, locally authorized medical cannabis manufacturers continue to be targeted by municipal law enforcement. As we await full implementation of medical cannabis regulations, manufacturers cannot continue to operate in a legal grey area,” said California Assemblymember Rob Bonta in a press release. “Under AB 2679, local governments will be given guidance and manufacturers will be protected in preparation for state licenses in 2018.”

According to Nick Caston, Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy for CBD Guild, “The clarity this law provides will ensure that people who rely on medicinal cannabis can feel more secure about the continued supply of the quality medicine they have come to depend on. We were proud to stand with a broad coalition—like the California Police Chiefs Association—to support this legislation.”

California’s new medical cannabis regulations won’t go into effect until 2018, but the recently signed AB 2679 will give extractors standards in advance that can be used to prevent raids.

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