You Can Scream for Cannabis Ice Cream in Colorado on National Ice Cream Day

You Can Scream for Cannabis Ice Cream in Colorado on National Ice Cream Day

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Summer is hot and ice cream is cool, but cannabis ice cream is even cooler. With National Ice Cream Day on July 16, 2017, cannabis consumers in Colorado have three options: get high and eat ice cream; make cannabis-infused ice cream or go to a dispensary and buy cannabis ice cream.

Common Option

Getting high and eating ice cream is probably on the to-do list of cannabis consumers across the country; some may even go the extra mile by smoking a cannabis-themed strain, like Cookies and Cream or Birthday Cake Kush, and then pairing it with a Ben & Jerry’s flavor that sounds cannabis-friendly, like Half Baked or Phish Food. If you want to keep it simple, hit up a dispensary and then swing into one of the places giving out free ice cream on July 16.

Ambitious Option

If you feel like experimenting in the kitchen, bypass the common option and try your hand at making homemade cannabis ice cream. While it’ll definitely take time, ingredients and plenty of patience, it sounds like a satisfying experience to make ice cream with the strain and flavor of one’s choosing. Check out these recipes for mint chocolate chip and vegan banana ice cream to give you some ideas.

Unique Option

Getting high and eating ice cream sounds pretty fantastic, as does attempting to make homemade cannabis ice cream, but adults in Colorado can celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a unique option—going to a dispensary and buying cannabis ice cream.

While cannabis ice cream isn’t a common item in the Colorado market, Alpine Essentials manufactures and distributes Blue Dream Ice Cream, a product created by Mike Elliott that currently comes in strawberry swirl, bourbon vanilla and chocolate chocolate chip.

Cannabis ice cream could seem like an odd market segment, but American consumption habits shine a light on its promise.

“American’s eat an average of 48 pints of ice cream per year and collectively we consume 1.58 billion gallons of ice cream per year. Figures like these confirmed that making [cannabis] ice cream had potential,” Elliott explained to Marijuana Industry News. “Also, the THC infusion and release is excellent in ice cream due to the high dairy fat content.”

In a market where infused chocolates and candies are ubiquitous, cannabis ice cream is unique. According to Elliott, “Ice cream has some advantages in that it can be a complimentary item to brownies, cookies, sodas, etc.”

Coloradans can find Blue Dream Ice Cream at Emerald Fields in Manitou and Glendale, Nature’s Best in Glendale, Three Rivers Dispensary in Pueblo, Rocky Mountain Organics in Central City and Green Heart in Aurora. And if you can’t make it to any of those locations before National Ice Cream Day, Blue Dream Ice Cream has plans to expand to dispensaries in Georgetown and Denver next week.

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