This Marijuana Farmers' Market Proves That Weed Is the New Wine

This Marijuana Farmers’ Market Proves That Weed Is the New Wine

This Marijuana Farmers’ Market Proves That Weed Is the New Wine

In some ways, the Emerald Exchange is like other farmer’s markets one might find in L.A.’s more upscale and bohemian neighborhoods.


Housing Guru Connects Landlords With Renters Who Grow Pot Legally

A service in Colorado connects renters who want to grow their own pot with landlords who don’t mind them doing so, according to The Denver Post. Four-year-old Housing Guru manages properties, checks out references, verifies incomes, and looks into the property histories of would-be renters.


New Study: Cannabis Usage Risks Reduced

In the past cannabis has been the scapegoat of mental health professionals. Much research indicates that use of the plant is responsible for a myriad of mental health problems. However, new research seems to point in a different direction. “Our findings suggest caution in the implementation of policies related to legalization of cannabis for recreational

Runner's High

Study Finds Similarites Between Marijuana and Runner’s High

While most marijuana users are not necessarily lazy, the activity of getting high is rarely associated with vigorous exercise. But according to a new study, the connection between a marijuana high and what is known as a “runner’s high” might be closer than you think.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Blesses Colorado Pot Tax Holiday

Rapper and marijuana entrepreneur Snoop Dogg continued his quest to become regarded as the Johnny Appleseed (or maybe make that Stems-and-Seeds) of cannabis for future generations by offering a benediction to the good people of Colorado following that state’s inaugural cannabis tax holiday on Sept. 16.

stoner’s Stoner Week Highlights Pot in Pop Culture

New York Magazine’s pop culture blog has just completed Stoner Week, a celebration of the myriad ways marijuana has worked itself into entertainment culture. It’s an in-depth, decades-spanning look at the evolution of marijuana in music, television and film.


Marijuana Manners: Etiquette from Emily Post’s Great-Granddaughter

The unspoken rules of the “puff, puff, pass” ritual — including all of the steps it takes to toke up — are obvious to those who already partake. But for those just now starting to explore the world of cannabis, there’s a lot to learn.


David Letterman to Oprah Winfrey: You Smoking?

On Friday, May , 15, 2015, television and lifestyle icon Oprah Winfrey appeared on David Letterman’s “The Late Show” to say goodbye to the legendary comedian as he prepares to retire next week and discuss, amongst other things, smoking marijuana.


Alice B. Toklas: Inspiration to an Edibles Chef

In her cookbook, Toklas wittily explained that upon eating her marijuana confections, one would experience, “Euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter; ecstatic reveries and extensions of one’s personality on several simultaneous planes are to be complacently expected.”

vanity fair

Vanity Fair Article on Baby Boomer Penchant for Pot Treats Legality as Nonissue

A recent Vanity Fair article by Bill Bradley explores where baby boomer’s longing to relive their prime Summer of Love years but trapped inside states yet to legalize cannabis are scoring their product, and highlights how marijuana usage is quickly becoming a kind of mundane nonissue for many Americans.

Religious Freedom

Cannabis Meets Religious Freedom Restoration Act

In 1986 the Oregon Supreme Court decided that Oregon’s controlled-substance statutes violated the “free exercise” clause of the U.S. Constitution in that they outlawed the use of certain drugs, including peyote, while allowing no safe harbor for their religious/sacramental use.

Church of Cannabis

Church Of Marijuana Gets Boost From Indiana’s Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law has been widely criticized and condemned by many, but an innovative marijuana activist in the state is using the bill’s legal protections as a means to set up a new religious sect — the First Church of Cannabis.

420 crowd

Destination Denver: Guide to 420 Holiday and Events

Despite marijuana being legal in numerous states, Denver, Colorado, is one of the primary travel destinations to celebrate 420 on April 20, 2015. Locals and travelers from around the globe find themselves here each year to celebrate cannabis culture.

High at Work

Survey: One in 10 has Worked on Weed

Ever earned a $20 bill … on weed? According to a SurveyMonkey poll conducted by Mashable, one in 10 people in the United States have gone to work while high on marijuana. The poll highlights other drug habits of the American worker, and despite lingering questions, the results help contrast the use of prescription drugs to marijuana.

American Consumers

Where Are the United States’ Biggest Cannabis Consumers? Not Where You’d Expect

After perusing our debut State of the Leaf cannabis infographic, you may have pondered which state in the US has the highest concentration of cannabis consumers. You’re not alone if you guessed Washington or Colorado, the only two states legally selling recreational cannabis, but you would be wrong.


Legal Marijuana: A Glass Blower’s Dream

Glass blowing is an industry that has been undermined in the past. Many times, people neglect to see this medium as art, especially if the glass is a bong, bubbler or bowl used for smoking marijuana. However, as more people take an interest in marijuana, they are also making serious investments in the glass they buy.

Sector Conference for Women

Weed Women Connect and Create Investment Opportunities

Pot culture has been described as testosterone-fueled boys’ club in which women are objectified as “hot pot babes.” What happens on the stoner side of things seeps insidiously into the world of policy reform and legitimate business. Statistics are scarce, but the legal marijuana industry also seems to be heavily male dominated and more than a little alien for many businesswomen.


Music & Marijuana: More than Medicine

Aside from their celebrated music, Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have one major thing in common: marijuana. You probably already knew that, but do you know how burning one down can aid their creative process?

10 Social Media Tips

10 Vital Nugs on Marijuana & Social Media

If you didn’t take a picture of yesterday’s lunch, you didn’t eat it. If you didn’t capture a shot of a cute puppy, did the puppy ever exist? Social media’s popularity with smartphone users has caused some people to look at every moment of their lives as a potential photo op. Why would a moment with marijuana be any different?


Dabbing: Potent Way to Consume Pot

BHO, commonly known as butane hash oil, is an extreme marijuana concentrate. According to Rolling Stone, the hash oil concentrate contains “astronomical [THC] levels that can exceed 80 percent.”


Top Chefs and Caterers Use Pot as a Secret Ingredient

Put down that pot brownie. In a bid to join the mainstreaming of marijuana, chefs and caterers are pairing cannabis with cuisine—not just to keep up with the times, but to create a high-end dining experience.


Medibles Mobilize in Market

Medibles have mobilized. MagicalButter, a company based in Seattle, unveiled The Samich, a pink and green food truck, at the Cannabis Cup in late April. The Cannabis Chef, an online resource for cooking with cannabis, offers recipes and insight. Jane and Mary Box launch quarterly subscription service, which “provides subscribers with the specialty ingredients and tools required to concoct delicious, gourmet herb-infused edible creations in the comfort of their own home (subscribers only have to provide their own marijuana or infused additives).”

Event halted?

CSO’s Event Vaporized in Colorado?

An innovative event series hosted by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) invites potheads to a concert at a private art gallery where they can puff away while grooving to chamber music. Denver wants to halt the event because they claim it could violate city and state rules according to a constitutional amendment that bans pot use in public places.

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