CannaRegs Launching Regulatory Database in May

CannaRegs Launching Regulatory Database in May

Amanda Ostrowitz, attorney, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of CannaRegs Ltd, winner of last fall’s Marijuana Tech Startup Competition, has announced that it will launch its web-accessible database of medical, retail and hemp regulations in late May 2015.


Are Cannabis Stocks Riding a Market Wave?

In the past few weeks we have seen some massive volatility in the most active cannabis stocks. At the same time we have seen broad market indexes like the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 hit new record highs, begging the question of whether the cannabis stocks are just following general momentum.

Cash key for market participants.

Cannabis Benchmarks Cultivates Price Transparency for Market Participants

Buyers and sellers in the legal cannabis industry may think they have a handle on market pricing, but legalized cannabis is still a fledgling industry with supply and demand in constant flux.

day 2

Marijuana Investor Summit Recap: Day 2

As the crowds die down and the tourists begin to dwindle in Denver, the power players of the marijuana industry have been working hard at the Marijuana Investor Summit, networking, educating, and building a better industry. Even though day one was massively successful, day two had no trouble exceeding expectations in both breadth and scope.


Tough Questions Marijuana Investors Should Ask

Ever since the SEC cracked down on marijuana-related investments in 2014, potential investors have been painfully aware of the need to conduct adequate due diligence on the early-stage companies that come courting.

MJIS Day One

Marijuana Investor Summit Recap: Day 1

Away from all of the 4/20 celebrations and madness, the movers and shakers of the marijuana industry, and those that aspire to be, have gathered for a different kind of event: Marijuana Investor Summit.

CannaInsider Funding Infographic

CannaInsider Pictures 10 Ways of Funding and Marijuana Investor Summit

The idea of funding a startup can seem daunting regardless of the field a company chooses to enter. Emerging entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana industry can improve their prospects by becoming well versed in their funding options before pursuing a particular path to capital.


CannaPitch Setting Stage for Marijuana Entrepreneurs and Investors

The pitch meeting is perhaps one of the most intriguing environments for private investments to take place because it forces creators to face kings of capital, where an array of interpersonal interactions can make or break a deal.


Cannabis Entrepreneurs Bring Star Power to Accelerator Boot Camp

More than 115 early-stage startups applied for one of 10 spots within CanopyBoulder’s spring business accelerator program for the legal cannabis industry.

Fred Gross and Cannafundr

Fred Gross and Cannafundr Raising Cannabis Capital

Every industry is only as strong as the connection between the capital needed to grow and maintain it, and the companies themselves, who allocate that capital to expand new markets, lower costs, add services and improve product offerings.


Fascinating Case Study Begins April 9 as MassRoots Goes Public

MassRoots, which will begin trading on or around April 9, 2015, under the ticker MSRT, is set to be the first public cannabis company with a revenue model and a customer acquisition strategy built entirely around social media platforms.

common bond

Common Bond: Connecting Ideas with Investors

Part incubator and part back-end business services provider, Common Bond Collaborative is a company based out of Tampa, Florida, aimed at helping entrepreneurs with great ideas build their businesses and connect with the right investors.

Tommy Chong

Bud Genius Acquires Licensor of Tommy Chong Products

Bud Genius Inc. (RIGH 0.0003 0.00%), a leading laboratory for cannabis testing and a branding specialist, recently announced that it signed a letter of intent to acquire Evergreen Licensing, the exclusive licensor of Tommy Chong marijuana, hemp, and cannabis-related products.


Why Branding is Vital for Cannabis Startups

Applying traditional marketing techniques in the emerging cannabis industry makes some new business owners cringe. In a marketplace that evolved quickly and is accustomed to relying on word-of-mouth as a primary marketing strategy, tactical brand building can seem daunting.


MMJ Research Investment Opportunities in Israel

Medical marijuana is a legal industry in Israel, estimated to be worth $40 million. It has benefitted greatly from 50 years of research and development at academic institutions like the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

barnette's ambition

Corey Barnette’s Ambitions for DC’s Legal Marijuana

District Grower’s building in Southeast, Washington, D.C., is incognito by design—it shares walls with an auto body shop and has no sign indicating what goes on behind its weathered brick facade.

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