Colorado Launches Survey to Capture Data on Retail Cannabis Use

Colorado Launches Survey to Capture Data on Retail Cannabis Use

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On July 20, 2016, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced that it had launched the Cannabis Users Survey on Health, also known as the CUSH Survey, to gather information on marijuana use patterns in the state.

Coloradans 21 and older can take the anonymous 32-question survey, which includes questions on rates and methods of marijuana consumption, use of other substances, age, sex and race, among others.

“This survey will give us essential information as Colorado continues to break new ground on legal marijuana,” said Mike VanDyke, who manages the CDPHE’s Retail Marijuana Program. “For example, if we know more about preferred methods of use, we can better target potential research about health effects of marijuana.”

According to the CDPHE, residents have until Oct. 31 to complete the CUSH Survey. As a means of ensuring it collects enough data, department representatives plan to attend several upcoming concerts and events in the state so additional individuals have a chance to complete the survey. The CDPHE also encourages members of the cannabis industry to promote the survey.

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