Commercial Cannabis Case Study: Black Dog LED PhytoMAX Grow Lights Outperform HPS Lights by 60%

Black Dog

Case study shows Black Dog LED’s PhytoMAX grow lights outperform traditional HPS (high pressure sodium) lighting in commercial Cannabis cultivation facility providing higher yields while saving energy.

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 19, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Black Dog LED’s PhytoMAX® grow light series outperformed both SE (single-ended) and DE (double-ended) HPS (high pressure sodium) lights in total yield, amount of power used, and the amount of cooling needed in a third-party test.

The case study proves PhytoMAX LEDs increase yields more than 60% over HPS. Growing with traditional HPS lights cost commercial growers over $1,200 in lost revenue per light ($120,000 for 100 lights!) with every single harvest compared to PhytoMAX LEDs.

Commercial operations can increase profitability by switching to PhytoMAX LEDs while recouping their investment in less than 6 months. Businesses can make an extra $3 million in profit over 5 years for a 100 light PhytoMAX facility when compared to HPS.

“These numbers are too large and powerful for any commercial grow to ignore if they want to stay competitive. States are demanding Cannabis grow operations improve their efficiency. PhytoMAX does this while increasing yields and profits, and this case study proves it,” says Corey Drew, founder Black Dog LED.

Read the whole case study here:

PhytoMAX LEDs are available in 5 models ranging from 215-1015 watts; for more information see the Black Dog LED website here:

About Black Dog LED
Black Dog LED is based in Boulder, Colorado and designs and sells LED grow lights. It specializes in the most powerful and proven grow lighting available featuring the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®. Black Dog LED has been developing and selling LED grow lights since 2010. For more information please visit or call 720-420-1209.

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