Doctors, NFL Players Ask League to Rethink Marijuana Ban


Doctors For Cannabis Regulation has written an open letter to the National Football League encouraging the professional sports organization to rethink its ban on marijuana, according to a Nov. 11, 2016, article at

The letter reads in part, “cannabis deserves the serious attention of your medical staff as a viable pain management alternative and potential neuroprotectant.”

Current and former NFL players want the league to reconsider its ban on marijuana, too.

“I’m concerned about my health. I’m going on year seven playing in the NFL, and I think we need to know what the options are when it comes to taking care of our bodies,” Derrick Morgan, a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, said.

“We know cannabis isn’t 100 percent safe, but the meds that doctors administer to players every week is killing people across the country. Cannabis should be explored,” Morgan said.

Eugene Monroe, former offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, said, “It’s the responsibility of the medical professionals of the NFL to take this issue on and do something to potentially help players’ safety and help with their long term safety.”

But in October 2016, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, “Right now, it’s not something that we’re actively considering. Our doctors are always evaluating that. If they see they can improve our policies or what we can do better to protect our players or help our players, we’ll look at it.”

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