Editor’s Letter

Throwing Rocks and Making Money

By Kristin M. Fox, Editor-in-chief

“Your job is to walk down the middle of the road and throw rocks at both sides.”  This is how one of the smartest editors I ever knew described good journalism. Good investors need to do the same. The due diligence and information-gathering process is every bit as crucial to investment success as knowing when to enter and exit a trade.

Google “cannabis” and related terms and you will find no shortage of information and websites, so why should you read MJInews.com? Because we’re professionals—both journalists and investors—and we understand what it takes to provide investment-grade information. We’ve also chosen to put our own money in this asset class, so our skin is in the game. From time to time members of our ownership or staff may may hold investments in companies we write about. In those instances we will disclose the relationship at each story.

Our management team’s experience includes: more than 25 years as a take-no-prisoners, award-winning journalist and editor; building and selling a hedge fund investment site to Reuters; broadcast media specialist; evaluating and constructing alternative investment portfolios for institutional and high-net-worth investors; as well as advising and providing chief financial officer services to family offices and small businesses.

For the past few years some members of our management team have been closely following the cannabis industry and evaluating its infrastructure for investment purposes. Other members have spent more than 25 years in the hedge fund, private equity and angel investment communities and are accustomed to evaluating and assessing investment risks in nascent industries where information may be scarce to non-existent.

MJInews.com is here to bring you the best information we can garner. As Editor-in-Chief and a journalist for more years than I care to admit, I like to think I can throw rocks with the best of them and that those rocks are evenly distributed. There will be some outliers and perhaps even a five-standard deviation or two, but what we offer is solid, constructive information designed to help you make smart investment decisions. We aren’t here to give you investment advice, nor should anything we write be construed as advice. We are simply writing what we find on our personal journey as investors in the legal cannabis industry; when we express our opinions, they are merely that and nothing more.

We have chosen not to have open comments on the site, but we do invite you to engage with us, whether it’s via a letter to the editor, a contributed column or social media. Send us your comments, your suggestions and your own articles for consideration. Throw a rock or two at us as well as it suits you. We want to be the best information and data provider in the cannabis industry and your active participation will help us meet our goal.

Kristin Fox
[email protected]