420: A Three-Digit Tribute to Marijuana

Colorado Senate Approves Marijuana Clubs

By Marisa DeZara

There once lived a culture that resided in the underground. A world where marijuana culture was secretive and shameful is becoming obsolete. More and more, we’re seeing pot users, medical advocates, businesses, and legislation guide the industry out of the underground and into the mainstream. Seeing that cannabis has made a loud statement, with regard to its legalization, news outlets have kept up with informing the greater public about what’s happening within the blossoming industry.

The shift in public discourse surrounding marijuana has allowed for the industry’s progression, especially from a business standpoint. Weed-related businesses have shown rates of success like never before, and this could be attested to the fact that this enterprise is now being taken seriously. Whether it be a well-accredited investor or a dread-headed hippie, all walks of life are looking to the marijuana industry for the various benefits that it has to offer. In response to this surfacing culture, and as seen in some of MMJ Investor News’ previous posts, weed-related events open to the public are popping up now more than ever before.

420: A number that may have had little meaning ten years ago is now widely recognized as a three-digit tribute to marijuana. April 20, 2014, paradoxically both a pot holiday and Easter, is soon approaching. In Denver, cannabis-related businesses are utilizing this day to promote the celebration of cannabis. Due to Colorado’s recent passing of legal marijuana legislation, residents and travelers aged 21+ can now attend these “420” events. One of the most popular events taking place this year, hosted by High Times Magazine, is called the Cannabis Cup. According to The New York Times, “ticket sales for Denver’s fifth annual Cannabis Cup this month are expected to double, according to event organizers.”

Other events, such as Dabroots Denver, calls for the celebration of, as they put it, the marijuana counterculture. This event, hosted by retail company Grassroots California, is expected to sell their entire worth of tickets. Featuring a plethora of musical artists, vendors, sponsors and even glassblowers, Dabroots will represent the marijuana counterculture with public appeal. Many will travel into the state of Colorado to partake in these cannabis celebrations.

A once reserved marijuana industry has transformed to be the center of attention, and businesses have since looked to 4/20 as a way to promote their message and capitalize on the occasion. Made evident by the volume of ticket sales for weed events, the cannabis culture has gained a mass following, while targeting an audience buried within a counterculture. Maybe the term counterculture is one that should be revisited, after all, we’re fast approaching a world where a shift in cultural paradigm has allowed for marijuana to be talked about in the public sphere.

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