Selection of BioTrackTHC for Arkansas’ Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software Anticipated by Arkansas Cannabis Industry Assocation

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. 12, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – The Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association anticipates the adoption of BioTrackTHC’s seed-to-sale tracking software for Arkansas’ legal cannabis industry to be announced within 11 days.

To accurately track medical cannabis through the production, movement and sale stages, three software components must be integrated: a patient registry database, seed-to-sale platform, and point of sale software.

The patient registry database has been developed by the Arkansas Department of Health IT department to keep a record of all medical cannabis patients, as well as the amount of medical cannabis products they have purchased.

The seed-to-sale component, as its name suggests, tracks all cannabis products from their inception as a seed to sale from a licensed dispensary to a registered patient. A point of sale system is integrated with the seed-to-sale system and used to complete the tracking process.

Point of sale functions like a modern day “cash register” at the dispensary level. It adds up a total of products purchased, calculates taxes, and records how much product has been purchased by the registered patient. This data is then sent to the state’s patient registry database through the seed-to-sale platform.

On Monday, The Arkansas Department of Health posted to their website an anticipatory award of the seed-to-sale tracking software bid to BioTrackTHC. There is a 14-day window from the posting date for contesting companies to submit a bid.

The awarding of the seed-to-sale platform bid will mark a milestone for the cannabis industry in Arkansas. If BioTrackTHC is selected, it will also offer a standard point of sale system at every dispensary as well as a suite of integrated software solutions.

A uniform system for the Arkansas industry means cultivation facility and dispensary applicants can begin to prepare for a specific system in the future.

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About the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association:
The Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA) is a cannabis industry trade association advocating for laws, regulations and public policies that foster a healthy, professional and accountable medical cannabis industry in our state. Their mission has three main components: Education, Protecting patients and Advocating for the industry. Since February 2017, the ACIA has worked hard to establish and earn their reputation with the public as Arkansas’ voice for the medical cannabis industry and its patients. They have hosted over a dozen seminars across the state, bringing industry experts to Arkansas from all areas of the country to speak about a variety of subjects, all designed to prepare patients and potential industry leaders, alike.

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