Anti-Legalization TV Ad Places Pot Shops Next to Toy Stores


As Massachusetts voters prepare to vote on Question 4, a ballot initiative that could legalize recreational marijuana in the state, opponents are slated to launch their first television advertisement on Oct. 18, 2016.

In the ad, which is available on YouTube, a mother drives her daughter to a toy store, which is located beside a marijuana shop.

“Question 4 would allow thousands of pot shops and marijuana operators throughout Massachusetts—in neighborhoods like yours,” a woman’s narration says, according to an Oct. 18, 2016, article in the Boston Globe.

“Shops that sell pot edibles that look like candy and high-potency marijuana,” the narration continues. “In pro-pot states, incidents of drugged driving and fatal car accidents are up.”

The ad was made by the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, a group opposing Question 4.

Jim Borghesani, a spokesman for YES on 4, said the ad has nothing to do with the facts.

“This ad has about as much connection to reality as a Donald Trump campaign speech, which should come as no surprise since it’s funded by a Trump endorser and made by a Trump ad firm,” Borghesani told the Boston Globe.

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