Cannabis Activists in Saint Lucia Call for Decriminalization


On April 22, 2016, activists in St. Lucia hosted the Cannabis March in the town of Soufriere, calling for the country to decriminalize cannabis.

“We want the government to look at a change in the laws more seriously. We’d love it to be a political issue,” said Andre Decaires, the Cannabis Movement’s former president, in an interview with teleSUR.

“I am hoping that we can open a really serious debate about whether we should have people going to jail for possession of cannabis as a start. The march was wonderful and the message is gaining ground. Decriminalizing marijuana could lead to the start of a hemp fashion industry, medical breakthroughs, religious freedoms and economic success.”

Support in St. Lucia has extended beyond activists and protestors, with some public officials also advocating for the decriminalization of cannabis.

“I am not smoking marijuana. I will not tell my children to smoke marijuana. It’s a choice that you have to make. We have to give people the choice. Particularly with respect to the new discoveries that are being made about marijuana. Particularly with what is happening on the global scene,” said Harold Dalsan, Saint Lucia’s Minister for Social Transformation.


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