Cannabis Meets Aromatherapy: Applying Ayurvedic and Holistic Practices to Cannabis

Aromatherapy Meets Cannabis Therapy

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As cannabis becomes increasingly welcomed in the United States, an exciting variety of companies are continuing to enter the space. Evoxe is one of these companies, and after launching its product line in 2015, the company is entering the market space in a new way. By combining the elements of cannabis therapy and aromatherapy, Evoxe’s intention is to make a medicinal-minded product that improves the lives of medical marijuana patients and those looking for an alternative therapy treatment. To do this correctly, Evoxe had to dive into not just one, but two fields of study.


Aromatherapy Therapy

On its surface, aromatherapy is the theory that essential oils from plants can be used as a healing substance. All parts of plants are used, including their roots, blossoms, seeds and leaves. Essential oils are created by extracting oils from plants and then concentrating these oils for medicinal and therapeutic use.

While the term “aromatherapy” immediately evokes the thought of inhalation and smells, essential oils can be used as rubbing oils, such as the popular tea tree oil, or in rare cases even taken orally.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the practice of using essential oils therapeutically has been around for more than 6,000 years and has been used by civilizations such as the Greeks and Chinese in crafting cosmetics, perfumes and drugs.

Today, aromatherapy is used for a variety of conditions. Some essential oils have antibacterial properties, while others may help ease symptoms from premenstrual syndrome and menopause. Other uses include treatment for alopecia areata, anxiety, mood improvement, constipation, insomnia, pain, itching and psoriasis.

A popular use of essential oils is in massage oils. This is because the patient not only benefits from the massage itself, but these oils can be rubbed into the skin while being inhaled.


CBD Therapy

The other piece of the puzzle is, of course, cannabis. Specifically, the cannabidiol (CBD) component of cannabis is where Evoxe has placed its focus. While more attention is often given to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the element of cannabis that provides the hallucinogenic effect, CBD is becoming more and more known for its healing properties.

One of the bigger examples of this comes from a survey from Stanford University in 2013. Focusing on children who experienced severe seizures, the use of a CBD-rich cannabis extract showed a reported 80 percent to 83 percent reduction in seizure frequency.

By itself or combined with THC in varied ratios, CBD cannabis treatment has also been shown to help with arthritis, cancer, depression, glaucoma, inflammation, migraines, multiple sclerosis, obesity and sleep disorders.


Combining Treatment Options

Evoxe’s idea for combining the two treatment options came simply from noticing the gap in the market for what seemed like a natural combination. Michael Katz, president of Evoxe, saw that there was a popular market for vaporizers and pens and while many companies had jumped on this bandwagon, none had combined the benefits of aromatherapy with those of cannabis.

In researching aromatherapy and how to implement it, Evoxe had to do homework. Katz did not lead his company into the market haphazardly and referenced many well-respected volumes in the field; specifically, the Dictionary of Terpenoids by J.D. Connolly and R.A. Hill. Boiled down, terpenoids are organic chemicals that are naturally occurring and aromatherapy involves the use of plant terpenoids.

Regarding research and product development, Katz said, “essential oils contained beneficial effects that would support the natural properties of the various cannabinoid and cannabis variety types. From Ayurvedic tradition to holistic practitioners around the world today, people have used these compounds for specific effects for thousands of years. We simply mined that information and applied it to cannabis therapy, and we have heard anecdotal evidence from our patients that indicate that their experiences are enhanced by our formulas.”

Evoxe also performed many tests and trials. “We created tens of various mixtures with different combinations and tested them rigorously to identify the ideal components from several different criteria: aromatic quality, taste, effect, and overall pleasantness of the experience of medicating in this new and unique way,” Katz said.

From this testing, the company has developed four products and is soon to release a fifth. The four vaporizer pens currently available are Stealth, Deep, Engage and Balance. They use essential oils such as peppermint (natural pain relief), cinnamon (brain boosting), lavender (anxiety reducing), ylang ylang (mood lifting) and frankincense (immune system booster).

The new product to be released in 2016 is called Balance+. This pen will utilize whole plant, high expression CBD in the most natural state possible in addition to essential oils. The whole plant extract Balance+ is developed to specifically focus on a more enhanced entourage effect.

Because these products are intended for use as pharmaceutical supplements, transparency is incredibly important to Evoxe. All ingredients and potential contra-indications are highlighted on Evoxe’s website.

As an important new segment of the medicinal cannabis market, Evoxe is mindfully forging ahead with quality products engineered with the patient in mind.

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