No High Flying in Florida: Orlando Airport Bans Medical Marijuana

No High Flying in Florida: Orlando Airport Bans Medical Marijuana

No High Flying in Florida: Orlando Airport Bans Medical Marijuana

Florida may have legalized medical marijuana in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped Orlando International Airport from banning the substance on its property.

Olympic Athlete Challenging US Travel Ban for Past Marijuana Use

Olympic Athlete Challenging US Travel Ban for Past Marijuana Use

Olympic snowboarder Ross Rebagliati wants to visit the United States to promote Ross’ Gold, his Canadian cannabis brand; however, with Rebagliati having admitted past marijuana use, U.S. Border Agents have used a border policy to prevent him from entering the country.

Rick Steves

Travel Guru Rick Steves to Tour Massachusetts in Support of Pot Legalization

Travel guru Rick Steves of PBS fame will make a four-day tour of Massachusetts in support of the state’s ballot question on legalizing marijuana. If affirmed by Massachusetts voters this November, Question 4 will allow, among other things, adults 21 years of age and older to “possess and cultivate marijuana in limited amounts,” as described by supporters.

Montel Williams Detained in Germany Over Medical Marijuana

Montel Williams Detained in Germany Over Medical Marijuana

On July 29, 2016, television star and medical marijuana activist Montel Williams was detained in Germany while on vacation with his family. According to TMZ, Williams was briefly detained at Frankfurt Airport after authorities in customs discovered a small bag of marijuana kief in his luggage.

South Dakota Resort

South Dakota Tribe Prepares First Marijuana Resort for the New Year

This past June, the Flandreau Santee Sioux legalized the possession, consumption, cultivation and distribution of marijuana. This is in preparation for the tribe’s yearlong project of building the first-ever marijuana resort on a reservation.


Vail Extends Ban on Recreational Marijuana Sales

Colorado and Washington both voted to legalize recreational marijuana statewide, opening the doors to a brand new industry and a brand new revenue stream. While the states seemed to welcome the new industry, there were clauses in both bills that allowed specific areas to place moratoriums on recreational marijuana.

Portland Airport

Portland International Airport to Allow Cannabis on In-State Flights

Despite being medicinally legal in 23 states and completely legal in four states, there is still one place where marijuana has failed to make a breakthrough: airlines. Regardless of legal state’s rights, citizens have been unable to legally take marijuana with them on an airplane, but that is about to change.

420 crowd

Destination Denver: Guide to 420 Holiday and Events

Despite marijuana being legal in numerous states, Denver, Colorado, is one of the primary travel destinations to celebrate 420 on April 20, 2015. Locals and travelers from around the globe find themselves here each year to celebrate cannabis culture.

Web 3

Weed Around the World

If someone came up to you and asked: where is the best weed in the world, how would you answer? Presumably, you would respond with one of the classics, a pioneer state with regard to legalization: Colorado or Washington.

420 Rally Denver

420 Pot Party in Denver

By Richard Farrell In 1971, when marijuana was still firmly in the closet, a bunch of California high school kids used the term 420 as their private code for pot. This helped them to remember to meet at 4:20 p.m. when school was out, to share their hobby in the shadow of a quiet wall.

Colorado Proves Providence Pays

Colorado Proves Providence Pays

The motto of The Centennial State is “nil sine numine,” which means nothing without help from the powers above. Providence also means prudence, foresight and sagacity. Colorado had all three in abundance when it came to recognizing citizens’ rights to marijuana. Its wise decision has also sparked new business opportunities.

MaryJane Group Bud & Breakfast

MaryJane Group Cooks Up Bud & Breakfast

Nevada shell company Pladeo Corp. has announced intentions to provide a range of services in the marijuana sector. Targeted activities include providing advertising, entertainment, finance, marketing and lodging services. It is currently waiting for the FINRA to approve its new name, The MaryJane Group Inc. The company has already started rolling out services in downtown Denver.