Canadian Firm Unveils Plans for Large Hemp Farm in Northern Maine

Canadian Firm Unveils Plans for Large Hemp Farm in Northern Maine

Canadian Firm Unveils Plans for Large Hemp Farm in Northern Maine

A Canadian company plans to launch a large, industrial hemp operation in northern Maine this year in the latest sign of burgeoning interest in the versatile yet tightly regulated crop.

Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific seeks to help improve cannabis extraction and return on investment

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 13, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – At Marijuana Business MJBizCon 2017, Emerald Scientific announced the first in a series of videos aimed at making the extraction process of cannabis more efficient using CO2, helping businesses improve their bottom line.

Corix Biosciences

Corix Bioscience Purchases Pharmaceutical Development Corp LTD

PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 7, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Corix Bioscience Inc. (OTCQB: CXBS) has purchased 100% of Pharmaceutical Development Corp., allowing Corix to commence selling its proprietary cannabis products internationally.

DayaCann AusCann Group Holdings - Medical Liaison Managers placement Tasmanian Alkaloids and Chilean License

AusCann Welcomes The Passing of Medicinal Cannabis Legislation Amendment

CARABOODA, Western Australia, Oct. 20, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — AusCann Group Holdings Ltd (ASX:AC8 or ‘the Company’) welcomes the passing of the Medicinal Cannabis Legislation Amendment (Securing Patient Access) Bill 2017 (the Bill) in the Senate yesterday.

Standards Council: Cops Cannot Participate in Alaskan Marijuana Industry

Standards Council: Cops Cannot Participate in Alaskan Marijuana Industry

On May 18, 2017, the Alaska Police Standards Council announced that state and local law enforcement officers are not allowed to participate in the Alaskan marijuana industry, stating that it is “incompatible with the law enforcement profession.”


Energy-Enhanced CBD Hemp Oil Offers Surprising Health Benefits

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jan. 25, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Scientists at Vital Force Technology (VFT) labs are excited to announce their research and results into energetically enhancing a popular alternative health supplement, cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD oil.


Maine Legislature Revisits OUI Bill

A legislative committee within the Maine legislature on Tuesday decided to delay a vote on a bill that would have established Maine’s first legal limit on how much THC drivers may have in their bloodstream in order to be charged with operating under the influence (OUI), reported the Portland Press Herald. The committee had voted


Will Illinois Decriminalize Marijuana Possession?

Marijuana decriminalization is getting a second chance in Illinois. According to the Chicago Sun Times, a bill has been submitted to the Illinois state legislature that would decriminalize the possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana. The state legislature had a previously passed a decriminalization bill, but the bill ultimately failed after Gov. Bruce Rauner used his

Sales and Use

Court Finds Legal Marijuana Insurable Under Commercial Property Policy

The U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado in The Green Earth Wellness Center, LLC v. Atain Specialty Insurance Company, No. 13-cv-03452-MSK-NYW, 2016 WL 632357 (D. Colorado Feb. 17, 2016) was recently faced with determining the extent of coverage under a commercial property policy for damage sustained to marijuana plants at a growing facility and addressing

Pot Law

Association Calls for Crackdown on Unregulated Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Source

The Association of Cannabis Professionals, which represents licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, is calling on San Diego to enforce its laws and shut down the medical marijuana stores functioning without a proper license. View full article here.


This Study Highlights Marijuana’s Best Chance of Approval

Marijuana appears set for a critical year. We’ve already witnessed nearly two-dozen states approve marijuana for medicinal use since 1996 (the year in which California became the first state to legalize the use of cannabis for certain ailments), and residents in four states have voted to legalize recreational marijuana since 2012. Now, come November, we


Supreme Court Expected to Announce Decision on Colorado Marijuana Suit

The legal marijuana industry may soon be going before the U.S. Supreme Court. According to the Denver Post, the Supreme Court is imminently expected to announce a decision as to whether or not it will hear a suit brought against Colorado for its marijuana licensing system. The suit was filed by the neighboring states of


urban-gro to Provide Innovative Lighting Solution for the Cannabis Industry

LAFAYETTE, Colo., Jan. 26, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — As the Cannabis industry continues to bloom across the United States, Colorado-based urban-gro, a leader in large-scale lighting and pest-management product solutions for Cannabis grow facilities, has developed the next generation lighting solution for the Cannabis vegetative stage with the urban-gro Soleil® 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) system.

Analytical 360

Analytical 360 is Washington’s only cannabis testing lab to use High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC technology. Additionally, it is the only testing lab in Washington State that meets the requirements of I-502. Analytic 360’s team of biochemists utilizes the latest technology to test for cannabis safety and potency.

Northwest Botanical Analysis

Northwest Botanical Analysis is Washington’s first independent cannabis testing laboratory. NWBA uses the latest technology to test nearly any marijuana product for potency, safety and quality. This lab aims to legitimize and ensure high-quality medicine for cannabis users. Its services include pesticide screening, mold analysis, butane testing and nitrogen sealing.

Massachusetts Cannabis Research Labs

Massachusetts Cannabis Research Labs is the only ISO-17025 accredited medical marijuana testing laboratory located on the East Coast. MCR Labs offers quality assurance in testing all MMJ products, marijuana buds as well as MIP’s. The laboratory utilizes methodologies from the pharmaceutical industry to further improve marijuana test accuracy and lower costs.

Green Ticket Bakery

Green Ticket Bakery offers a variety of classic tasting edibles and was founded on the idea that those who cannot inhale should be able to enjoy their THC in a natural and holistic way.

Green Gold

Green Gold Baking Company strives to create the most delicious edibles, while incorporating healthy options to their menu. Green Gold specializes in cannabis-infused treats where the dosages have been lab tested, leaving any guess work out of how much THC may be going into your body.

Big Pete’s Treats

Big Pete’s Treats puts a new meaning to the word “baked”. With nearly a dozen different types of THC-infused cookies for its customers to choose from, Big Pete’s is baking up a variety of cannabis treats and caters to 29 different dispensaries in California.