CBA statement: DEA Rescheduling of Cannabidiol (CBD) Irrational and Irresponsible

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DENVER, Dec. 15, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA)  has released a statement on the recent reports of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s rescheduling of all marijuana extracts, including CBD oil as Schedule I controlled substances. The advocate for cannabis business owners is calling on the federal government to reconsider this unprecedented move which will prohibit access for patients in need across the country. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a plant compound found in hemp as well as other plants such as broccoli and kale.

“Scientific research has shown time and time again that cannabidiol, or CBD oil is therapeutic for treating countless medical conditions,” said Mark Malone, Executive Director of the Cannabis Business Alliance. “This is an unwarranted and erroneous move by the DEA who has proven yet again it has have not kept pace with the findings of modern science. To put any cannabinoid, which is proven to treat ailments including seizures, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohn’s Disease and fibromyalgia, on the same level as heroin is irrational and irresponsible,” Malone said.

Malone continued: “This letter lumps any CBD, including CBC, CBG and CBN, under this marijuana extracts definition, making research in any cannabinoid more difficult, and creating more bureaucracies and unfair barriers for companies with cannabidiol in their products. Patients will be forced to find cannabidiol from the unregulated Black Market. It is unnecessary regulation, it is outside of the DEA’s jurisdiction, and the DEA is violating the law with this letter.”

According to DEA, a new definition for a “marihuana extract,” is described as “Meaning an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis, other than the separated resin (whether crude or purified) obtained from the plant.” The DEA is asking that all cannabis extract companies re-establish their paperwork for the newly labeled “illegal” substance by January 13, 2017—including any CBD-specific companies and products.

CBD is non-psychoactive, and unlike THC, CBD does not result in an altered state of mind. As the substance does not produce a mind-altering state, it would not seem to have a high potential for abuse. The new ruling claims that CBD has zero medical benefits - this simply is not true.

“This is a huge step backwards for cannabis prohibition and especially for patients who live in states without established medical cannabis laws,” said Malone. “Now is the time to come together and voice our concerns loud enough for the DEA to reconsider.”

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