Dive Into the Evolution of Extraction Technologies

Dive Into the Evolution of Extraction Technologies

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The change from backyard open blasting techniques to a regulated cGMP environment is right around the corner for cannabis extracts. On March 7, 2017, hear Dr. Joshua Hartsel, CEO of Speakeasy 710, a California-based cannabis oil producer, lead a session at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego on the tremendous opportunity opening up in California’s market with regards to extracts and other concentrate products.

As a leading authority on cannabis chemistry, Hartsel knows that safe and consistent medicine comes from professional companies using modern scientific methods and quality assurance processes. Hartsel will address the rich treasure trove of therapeutic chemical compounds found in Cannabis sativa as well as how these molecules are produced. A brief history of extraction technologies will be discussed as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with each method.

Register now so you can learn the standards for aroma, flavor, purity and potency in both THC and CBD extracts.

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