Girl Scouts in New Mexico Told Cookie Sales Prohibited Outside of Dispensaries


On Feb. 27, 2016, KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque reported that two young Girl Scouts were selling their Girl Scout cookies outside of Ultra Health, a medical marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque, that afternoon.

“Everybody’s been happy to buy cookies and they’ve given them lots of smiles,” said Phil Temer, father of one of the scouts.

According to James Gambling, manager of Ultra Health, the decision to let the Girl Scouts sell cookies outside of the dispensary was a means of “show[ing] the community that we do more than just deal with medical patients, we’re also involved in the community,” with the dispensary donating $1 for every box of Girl Scout cookies sold.

Once KRQE’s story aired, the news station received an email from Carol Ann Short, director of communications for the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. Short cited the following provision from the 2016 Troop Manual, “Booth locations are NEVER allowed at liquor stores, smoke shops, or medical dispensaries.”

Short explained that the two Girl Scouts will not be punished; however, she “will talk to the adults in charge, letting them know that this is wrong and why.”

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