Housing Guru Connects Landlords With Renters Who Grow Pot Legally


A service in Colorado connects renters who want to grow their own pot legally with landlords who don’t mind them doing so, according to The Denver Post.

Four-year-old Housing Guru manages properties, checks out references, verifies incomes, and looks into the property histories of would-be renters.

Colorado law allows residents to grow their own marijuana, so the “[d]emand for rentals where pot can be grown is soaring,” The Denver Post said.

But even when some renters are growing their own pot legally, some landlords don’t necessarily approve. So Housing Guru works with the landlords who allow renters to grow.

Landlord Dan Fortune, who uses Housing Guru, said he has renters in all of his 20 Colorado properties who grow their own marijuana. At first, he was hesitant to rent to growers, but he has found them to be good tenants.

“There is little turnover, and when someone leaves, Housing Guru tends to replace them before there is a vacancy,” Fortune told The Denver Post. “The risk profile is very low.”

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