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Colorado’s first state-compliant gummy, shaped like pot leaf, uses precise dosing, house-grown cannabis and first-run extract to make finest, most responsible edible

BOULDER, Colo., May 11, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Longtime cannabis entrepreneurs Dan Anglin and Frank Falconer today announce Americanna, the first gummy in Colorado to meet the state’s strict standards for edible cannabis products. The deadline for compliance is not until October, but Anglin and Falconer decided to follow the state rules six months in advance.

“We support sensible regulations that prevent minors from accidentally ingesting infused edible products or trying to conceal cannabis products from adults and authorities,” said founder and CEO Dan Anglin, a Marine Corps veteran and chairman of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. “At the same time, we champion high-quality edible products, and precision dosing is of extreme importance; too many products fail when it comes to reliability. Our custom approach to dosing ensures that consumers know how much THC they are getting with each gummy.”

Americanna gummies, all of which are shaped like a pot leaf to help identify them as cannabis products, are also individually stamped with the new state-mandated symbol for all infused edibles — a diamond with THC and an exclamation point inside.  Between the pot-leaf shape and the symbol, there is no mistaking Americanna gummies contain cannabis and are meant for adults.

In addition, Americanna grows most of the cannabis it uses in its suite of edible products, and leverages all of the valuable first-run extract — which rarely finds its way into edible cannabis products, instead being sold as concentrates like live resin and shatter — for its gummies.

“We decided to make the best gummies in the world, and to do that we felt compelled to grow our own cannabis, without harmful pesticides and herbicides, and to use our cannabis for valuable first-run extract,” said Falconer, who has been a cannabis entrepreneur since 2009. “The results speak for themselves. This is a next-generation edible cannabis product — the new standard.”

The gummies, at 10mg of THC each at recreational shops, are sold in either sour or sweet styles and in four flavors: grape, watermelon, strawberry and apple. The gummies available at medical dispensaries come in the same flavors, at 25 mg each. In addition to responsibility, quality and reliability, Americanna also established affordability as a principal goal. The child-proof containers, emblazoned with Americanna’s pot-leaf symbol, hold 10 gummies and generally sell at retail outlets for between $14 and $18.

Hundreds of dispensaries across Colorado have signed-up to carry Americanna gummies, and the company anticipates distribution in more and more dispensaries across the state in the weeks and months ahead.

About Americanna
With an emphasis on quality, precision dosing, responsibility and affordability, Americanna gummies are the first gummy products in Colorado to meet strict state standards for compliance that take effect in the fall of 2016. Americanna grows its own cannabis without harmful pesticides, uses only valuable first-run extracts in its products, employs a custom approach to precision dosing that ensures products contain reliable amounts of THC and offers only pot-leaf shaped gummies to help broadcast that the candies contain THC.

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