Lawmaker in Massachusetts Submits Bills to Curb Marijuana Laws

Lawmaker in Massachusetts Submits Bills to Curb Marijuana Laws

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Although recreational marijuana has recently become legal in Massachusetts, the state’s newly minted laws could already be in store for some drastic changes.

According to The Boston Globe, state Sen. Jason Lewis has submitted a series of bills aimed at reducing or repealing several provisions in Massachusetts’ marijuana laws.

Under the proposed bills, the legal age limit for marijuana would be increase from 21 years old to 25, the amount a person could carry would be reduced from 10 ounces to two and the number of marijuana plants a person could grow would be reduced from 12 to six.

Other changes to the law would include delaying retail sales of infused products, creating a commission to determine whether or not the legislature should limit marijuana potency as well as giving cities authority to limit marijuana sales without voter approval, as outlined in the current law.

Speaking with The Boston Globe, Marijuana Policy Project representative Jim Borghesani said that the bills would “go too far in unwinding the will of the people,” and that they “show little respect for the 1.8 million Massachusetts voters who decided to end prohibition in the Commonwealth.”

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