Leonard Marshall Partners With Hometowne RX For Cannabis-Based Medicine



Leonard Marshall, former defensive end for the New York Giants, has partnered with a small pharmacy chain in New Jersey to make cannabis-based medicines if the state legalizes medical marijuana, according to an August 1, 2016, article in the New York Daily News.

Aisha Bhatti, director of pharmacy for Hometowne Rx, said her company is “watching the trends” with legalization. “We would be the first in the market to provide a product or develop one with Leonard,” she said.

Marshall has been an outspoken advocate of medicinal marijuana in recent years. “It’s very simple for me,” Marshall said. “Opioids have killed hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve never seen that plant kill anyone.”

Marshall is a fan of the marijuana extract cannabidiol, which is not psychoactive but helps with pain relief. “Within a few days of using it, I found some significant relief,” he said. “My headaches are gone. I used to have a bunch of headaches in the course of a day.”

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