Mainstream Investors Warming Up to Pot


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Marijuana sales in the U.S. are poised to surpass coffee by the end of this decade. Americans already consume $7 billion worth of legal marijuana in 25 states where medical and recreational use are permitted. By 2020, that number is expected to reach $23 billion. The number could be much higher if voters in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine approve recreational marijuana this November.

“The Green Rush” is attracting investors from all walks of life, and there is no shortage of marijuana “experts” peddling ventures and cashing in on the trend. But Adam Bierman, co-founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based MedMen, warns that those rushing in without the correct expertise may be in for a rude awakening.
“This is still a federally banned substance that is regulated by a mind-boggling patchwork of local and state regulations,” Mr. Bierman said. “Expert knowledge will be the difference between big losses and outsize returns. There is tremendous opportunity for investors with the right expertise to take advantage of the end of prohibition.”
MedMen combines capital and years of experience running cannabis operations in several states. Its management company has helped more than 100 cannabis-related companies thrive, and the Firm launched the industry’s first $100 million private equity fund this summer.
Mr. Bierman is a frequent speaker at investor forums, including Opal Group‘s Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum in Napa Valley, California, on October 28.
Mr. Bierman is available for expert commentary on cannabis industry trends and the impact of new drug laws on this burgeoning space.
MedMen is a leading cannabis firm based in Los Angeles with operations and exposure across North America. The Firm consists of two main components; a management company and a capital arm.
MedMen Management offers turnkey services to license holders in the areas of cultivation, extraction, production and retail operations, bringing institutional best practices to this rapidly growing industry. MedMen Capital guides investors through a space that has traditionally lacked institutional operators. Through MedMen Capital, the Firm makes strategic investments in key markets across the U.S. and Canada.
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