Matt Flynn Comes Out in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana


Flynn says he will push for it as governor only if voters also favor legalization

MILWAUKEE, Wisc., Nov. 14, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today announced that he supports the legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin. However, he made clear he would only push for it as governor if a majority of Wisconsinites approve.

“Having reviewed the results of legalization in other states, I now believe Wisconsin should legalize marijuana,” said Flynn.

“I am concerned about the impact of mass incarceration on our society, including both the social and financial impact. Under present law, people can easily acquire a felony record that effectively bars them from most employment for the rest of their lives. The financial burden on the criminal justice system is also unacceptable.”

“I also believe that legalizing marijuana will simply recognize a fact of life for many people, including the increasing use of medical marijuana by senior citizens to alleviate pain. Another result of legalization, although not the main reason for my position, will be the increased tax revenue and safety benefits that legalization will bring.”

Flynn called on state lawmakers to put a non-binding referendum on the ballot in the November election of 2018, asking voters if they support the legalization and sale of marijuana. If the measure passes, Flynn would push the state legislature to pass legalization, regulation, and taxation legislation.

“Legalization could have a profound impact on our state, so I think it’s important we only take that path if the people of this state agree with it,” Flynn said.

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