Melanie Griffith’s Pot Movie Isn’t About Pot, Film Commissioner Says


The Denver Post reports that actress Melanie Griffith is set to return to the silver screen in “Miss Cannabis,” the story of a wealthy woman who loses her riches to swindlers and moves onto a medical marijuana farm, mistaking it for a vineyard, in search of a new start.

The producers of the film have arranged for $600,000 in rebates from the Colorado Economic Development Commission and plan to shoot there, despite the fact the story is reportedly set in California.

Weirdly, the producers of the film have reportedly stressed to the state of Colorado that their intent is not to make something in the Cheech and Chong, “Half Baked” vein, and Colorado film commissioner Donald Zuckerman is quoted as saying, “I want to state this is not a marijuana movie.”

Which seems weird, being that the thing is called “Miss Cannabis” and set on a medical marijuana farm.

Maybe Cannabis is Griffith’s character’s last name?

Probably what Zuckerman is doing here is desperately attempting to make it sound like the state of Colorado isn’t financing a goofball stoner comedy, because the state of Colorado’s relationship with marijuana is really, really weird.

On the one hand, you have a recent report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Federal Anti-Drug Task Force. It highlighted some potentially damaging statistics about the impact marijuana has had on the state. On the other hand, the state just had to throw a pot tax holiday, complete with an endorsement from Snoop Dogg, because the product has brought in more money than anyone expected.

Assuming Zuckerman is just kind of shucking and jiving on this being a marijuana movie, what’s really the most interesting thing about this story is that “Miss Cannabis” could potentially be the first marijuana movie aimed at an older audience. Isn’t that what it sounds like? Melanie Griffith plays a rich lady who has to get her groove back on a marijuana farm. What are the chances she doesn’t learn to unwind and fall for some rugged, earthy botanist?

Old people smoking marijuana is a hack comedy staple, and even features in some movies for old folks like 2009’s “It’s Complicated,” which saw Meryl Streep burning one down and getting real goofy, but marijuana movies—or, okay, movies that feature marijuana prominently—are always for a younger audience. This despite the fact that Baby Boomers are seemingly pretty all right with using marijuana.

This is speculation, because the eventual film could be about this medical marijuana farm Griffith encounters, and then it turns out to be a creepy, sleazy criminal enterprise run by sneering villains. But if “Miss Cannabis” does in fact end up showing the industry in a positive light, it will be another interesting moment in the continuing trend of America’s coming around on the issue of legality.

No release date has been set, as producers are just now getting to work scouting locations. So we’ll see what ends up happening.

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