MJselect.com Announces Addition of Virtual Budtender to its Virtual Dispensary App


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ca, Dec. 30, 2014/Weed Wire/ — MJselect.com announced the addition of Virtual Budtender to its Virtual Dispensary app today. Virtual Budtender allows dispensaries to provide face to face communication with their patients who prefer to select their medication from home for express pickup or delivery.

“We’re excited to provide technology that allows dispensaries to provide a higher level of patient care than is available in even mainstream healthcare” said Todd Palmieri, Partner at MJselect.com. “Instead of discussing often personal issues in the busy retail environment of a medical marijuana dispensary or traditional retail pharmacy, patients can get counseling from the privacy of their own homes, and place their medication order online.”

MJselect.com’s Virtual Budtender is included in all of the company’s subscription packages, and there are no usage limits or separate charges for the service. Dispensary’s can mark themselves “In” or “Out”, and the Virtual Budtender link shows or is hidden accordingly. Text message alerts are sent to sign in budtenders whenever a patient requests a chat.

Mr. Palmieri concluded “We’re laser-focused on keeping our app simple yet innovative, so when we saw how much good web-native video technology could do for both patients and dispensaries we knew we had to find a way to make it a part of our app.“

About MJselect.com
MJselect.com provides virtual dispensary technology that allows dispensaries to expand their services without regulatory barriers or community resistance. The company brings the professionalism of mainstream healthcare to the medical marijuana industry through technology that meets the needs of dispensaries, medical marijuana patients, and their communities.

Contact Information:
Dora Palmieri, J.D., L.L.M.
MJselect.com, LLC
[email protected]

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