‘Of the Month’ Clubs: Marijuana in Your Mailbox

“Of the Month” clubs exist for all kinds of consumers—wine fans can get a variety case, comic book fans can get new reading material, pop culture junkies can get memorabilia, women can get makeup and men can get razors. If you are a fan of something, there is probably a club for it and that club will deliver products directly to your door.

Even marijuana fans can get in on this business model.

Cannabox is one such service, and for a monthly fee it will deliver a care package that might include papers, pipes and other marijuana accessories.

According the company’s website, the services offered are fairly simple. After buying into a subscription package for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, you will then receive a box filled with accessories, novelties and paraphernalia catered to a specific theme-of-the-month. For example, November’s theme is “Glow.”

While Cannabox doesn’t tell customers what they will be receiving in the mail, it does guarantee that it will be more valuable than what the customer paid for it. This will include six to nine items valued between $40 and $60.

For those who wish actual marijuana could be delivered along with their monthly grab bag of accessories, this service might not be available on a national scale for a long time. Because mail services are a federal service, it is still illegal to mail marijuana due to marijuana being federally illegal. There are a few delivery services currently active, but they do not work through the USPS.

On the state level, however, Potbox is one marijuana delivery service currently active in California. Based in San Francisco, it is a small marijuana delivery startup that caters to local patients with medical marijuana cards. For the time being, Potbox is embracing is its smaller size and is focusing on providing a premium service to its subscribers by offering a farm to flame business model. Because of this, Potbox knows every aspect of its product and can deliver a truly customized marijuana experience to its customers.

Another company that tried this was Marvina. Opening in 2015, it offered a similar service to medical marijuana patients in California. However, the company had trouble keeping a large enough subscriber base and closed later in the year.

Of course, companies like Cannabox have a larger goal that includes eventually being able to supply samples of actual marijuana in its deliveries. According to Michael Berk, the creator of Cannabox, “WHEN marijuana becomes legal, we will approach every commercial grower in the country to provide samples for our boxes.”

This will not be any easier for medical marijuana patients. Mailing prescription drugs is difficult and has its own restrictions. Specifically, if the substance is defined as a controlled substance, both the sender and recipient need to be registered with the DEA, unless officially exempted. This presents an issue with marijuana as while it is legal as medicine in 23 states, it is not recognized as medicine by the DEA. This is why your insurance plan won’t cover it.

Potbox gets around this by not going through the mail, but by using couriers and delivering only to the San Francisco area.

As a country, we are edging closer and closer to completely removing the stigmas attached to marijuana and decriminalizing it completely. As more and more states fight for legal marijuana—Ohioans voted against a bill to legalize both medicinal and recreational marijuana yesterday—the delivery model is something to consider when identifying possible investment opportunities.

Josh Browning is a writer and editor based in Washington and has a background working in the technology, education and creative writing fields. He earned his MA from Western Washington University and his BSS from Ohio University.

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