Nevada Receives 143 Recreational Marijuana License Applications

Nevada Receives 143 Recreational Marijuana License Applications

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With Wednesday, May 31, 2017, being the last day to submit recreational marijuana license applications for Nevada’s early-start program, the state has already started adding up the number of applications it has received.

By May 26, 2017, the Nevada Department of Taxation had received 143 recreational marijuana license applications, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

The application window opened on May 15 for licensed liquor wholesaler dealers to apply for the early-start program’s distribution licenses and for existing medical marijuana establishments to apply for the early-start program’s cultivation, production, lab and retail licenses.

The majority of the applications received were submitted by existing medical marijuana establishments, explained Deonne Contine, Executive Director of the Department of Taxation, to the Las Vegas Sun.

According to the early-start program approved by the Nevada Tax Commission, recreational marijuana sales are slated to start on July 1 at those establishments that are awarded an early-start license.

As far as marijuana taxes go, the state has yet to finalize its plans. The Senate is scheduled to discuss Senate Bill 487, a marijuana tax bill, on June 1. The legislative session ends on June 5.

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