Help Oppose Efforts Making Voter Initiatives Harder in Arizona


PHOENIX, Ariz., Aug. 28, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Arizona’s constitution gives voters the right to initiate and decide ballot initiatives. Unfortunately, the ballot initiative process is under attack from politicians. This year, the Arizona Legislature passed a law that requires an unrealistic and unreasonable level of perfection for all ballot measures. This means that future efforts to pass legalization through the voter initiative will be that much harder.

The new law subjects ballot initiatives to a concept called “strict compliance” that will make these citizen efforts much more expensive and much more difficult. Facing this constitutional crisis, six plaintiffs filed a lawsuit to stop this law (HB4422) from taking effect, arguing that it is unconstitutional. The “strict compliance” standard means that ballot measures can now be turned away for technical, inadvertent, and inconsequential mistakes like a coffee stain or an ink smudge.

Unfortunately, the Court refused to make a decision on the constitutionality of the law, saying that the plaintiffs did not have the standing to sue. Now, the plaintiffs must appeal…and they need your financial help. This legal battle has racked up large legal bills. Please consider donating to the Legal Defense Fund so that the plaintiffs can continue their fight against this unconstitutional law that severely curtails your right to a ballot initiative!

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