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Massachusetts Cannabis Research Labs

Massachusetts Cannabis Research Labs is the only ISO-17025 accredited medical marijuana testing laboratory located on the East Coast. MCR Labs offers quality assurance in testing all MMJ products, marijuana buds as well as MIP’s. The laboratory utilizes methodologies from the pharmaceutical industry to further improve marijuana test accuracy and lower costs.

The Herbsmith

The Herbsmith creates solventless cannabis concentrates, which is a healthier alternative to BHO and other concentrates made with plant lipids or molds. In addition, The Herbsmith cooks up gourmet THC-infused edibles, including cookies and chocolates.

Green Ticket Bakery

Green Ticket Bakery offers a variety of classic tasting edibles and was founded on the idea that those who cannot inhale should be able to enjoy their THC in a natural and holistic way.



Cannatest is a Seattle-based laboratory that provides potency testing for THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and THCV, and safety screening for mold and mildew on cannabis and cannabis-related products by using thin layer chromatography.