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Montel Williams - Advocate

TV Personality and Veterans Crusader Montel Williams Makes FL Medical Marijuana Pitch

Montel Williams, the former host of his eponymous show, has become a full-time veterans’ rights crusader recently and now he’s wading into Florida politics with a pitch for the medical-marijuana constitutional amendment.


Election 2014: Four State Initiatives & What They Mean for Marijuana Investors

Back in 2012, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over 21. Election Day 2014 looks like it will be a repeat. Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia have initiatives on the November 4, 2014, ballot.

Cash States

7 States That Would Earn the Most Money by Legalizing Marijuana

Some of us are still processing this whole marijuana legalization deal. For many people, it’s kind of hard to believe legalization is actually really happening — it’s no longer simply a topic of discussion marijuana smokers debate over, it’s right here.


Boca Raton Considers MMJ Moratorium

With less than five weeks until November’s election, many in Florida are expecting Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana in the state, to pass. Although some of the polls coming out of the state seem to indicate a closer race, most polls put the Amendment somewhere between 60 to 80 percent.

Florida's Amendment 2

Is Florida’s Amendment 2 Losing Steam?

In less than two months Florida voters will be going to the polls to decide whether or not to approve a proposed ballot initiative, dubbed Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana. The ballot measure has enjoyed overwhelming support and stands to generate billions in economic activity.

Cannabidiol “CBD” Strain of Medical Marijuana Establishing New CBD-Oil Nutraceutical Marketplace - Company Aims for Sales of CBD Products in all 50 States

Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol (CBD Oils) gains momentum towards acceptance as viable medical treatment, significant clinical trial underway for possible seizure treatment and other CBD treatable ailments: Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC: ETST), GW Pharmaceuticals plc. (NASDAQ: GWPH), Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC: CBIS), Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: EAPH) and Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP)

Cannabis Lottery

Growers Challenge Florida MMJ Lottery

Millions of Florida residents waiting to receive non-euphoric medical marijuana may have to wait a little longer. Costa Farms, a Miami-based nursery, has filed a legal challenge to the newly developed rules regarding the roll-out of the non-euphoric strain of medical marijuana, dubbed Charlotte’s Webb.

Conference Ideas

Marijuana Conferences Spark Ideas

Some invisible business spirit once whispered, “If you build it, they will come,” (or its variant, “If you book them, they will come). The hectic marijuana business conference schedule for the winter and spring suggests that marijuana entrepreneurs are not waiting for Election Day.

New York State of Marijuana

Voter Turnout for Marijuana Legalization

The countdown to Election Day has begun in earnest. For legalization advocates in Alaska, D.C. and Oregon and medical marijuana reform in Florida, the focus has shifted to voter registration and turnout. Many states will be observing National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 23, in advance of local deadlines by which voters must register

Morgan's Intoxicated Speech

John Morgan’s Intoxicated Speech Outrages Opponents and No One Else

In this digital age where cell-phones are everywhere, and where every phone has a camera, it is hard to have an embarrassing moment that isn’t captured on film. Of all people, public figures have to watch what they say because someone could always have the camera rolling.


Lakeland Discussion Brings Together Both Sides Of Medical Marijuana Debate

On Thursday, August 28, 2014, residents of Lakeland, Florida, were treated to an insightful and thought provoking discussion panel about the pending ballot initiative in Florida which would legalize medical marijuana.

Construction Plans

MMJ Facility Under Construction in Florida

On November 4, voters in Florida will vote on the legalization of medical marijuana. With 9 out of 10 Floridians in support of the proposed measure, it is expected to pass. In preparation for the imminent passage of the ballot amendment, one company has big plans to become the largest medical marijuana supplier in the state.

Prescription Pills

Study: Fewer Prescription Pill Deaths in States with Medical Marijuana

Opponents of medical marijuana in Florida often like to compare cannabis to prescription pills. They say marijuana will become just like pills; or as Sherriff John Rutherford put it to News 4 Jacksonville, “We will have medical marijuana in every backpack in every school in Duval County. It will be just like the pill mills.”

Super Pac

Celebrity Pot Dealer Says She’s Starting a Marijuana Super PAC for Florida Election

Cheryl Shuman likes to be called the Martha Stewart of marijuana. She runs the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club out of L.A., which sells one of the first designer brands of pot. Her product runs $750 an ounce and comes wrapped in 14-carat gold. New customers often get star treatment: Chefs will come to their mansions to prepare cannabis-infused meals.

Event Jets

Cannabis Industry Events Across Coasts

One of the surest ways to become more connected in the cannabis industry is to go to marijuana trade shows. You’ll be presented with countless networking opportunities as you meet growers, glass blowers, dispensary gurus and edible engineers. On top of that, you also get to enjoy listening to valuable lectures by leading industry experts.


Florida Medical Marijuana Business and Educational Seminars and HighDrive Digital Group Announce the Upcoming Event September 18, 2014 at Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., August 22, 2014 / Weed Wire / — Florida MMJ Seminars, the leading group in education and business seminars in the Medical Marijuana industry today announced its collaboration with HighDrive Digital Group, the leader in marketing for the Medical Marijuana Industry.

Anti-pot group claims rape

Anti-Pot PAC: Cannabis Leads To Date Rape?

If you have been following marijuana legalization in this country, by now you have probably heard every kind of false claim and half-truth under the sun. According to marijuana prohibitionists, marijuana will lead to more car accidents [FALSE], out-of-control teen drug use [FALSE] and more violent crime [FALSE]; but the newest accusation being made by Florida’s anti-medical marijuana crowd really takes the cake…or should I say cookie?

Sunshine State

Where Weed Grows in the Sunshine State

Nancy Reagan told the country to “Just say no” to drugs way back in 1988. Many people in the United States have been taking issue with saying no to one of the drugs on the list, especially for medical purposes. Voters in state elections from coast to coast have been legalizing marijuana for medical purposes since before the turn of the millennium. Now, the democratic marijuana mania has spread to the Sunshine State.


Florida Estimates Medical Marijuana Profit

In November, Florida voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots either in favor or opposed to a state constitutional amendment aimed at legalizing medical marijuana. Because this is a constitutional amendment, and not a ballot initiative, the measure requires 60 percent of the vote to pass.

Senior Support

Senior Support for Medical Marijuana

In south Florida, a new billboard has appeared, and it is urging senior citizens to get out and vote for medical marijuana. The ornate sign has a senior citizen in a wheel chair and reads, “Legalize Medical Marijuana. I’m a patient not a criminal.”

Drug Free Donation

Drug Free Florida’s Dubious Donors

As it has been mentioned before, Florida will be voting on a constitutional amendment in November that will allow for the sale and use of medical marijuana. With 88 percent of Floridians in support, according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, the constitutional amendment is expected to pass with overwhelming support. However there are individuals that seek to undermine the will of the people. They are a small, well funded, group called the Drug Free Florida committee and they seek to “educate” Florida about the “dangers” of marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Opponents Gain Money and Allies, Including Billionaire Sheldon Adelson

TALLAHASSEE — Opponents to a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida gained firepower Tuesday when campaign finance records showed that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson had cut a $2.5 million check to bankroll the opposition effort.

CBD-Only Trend

CBD-Only States: A Growing National Trend

The monumental moment of marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado was a huge step for acceptance nationwide, but under the radar there is another story silently sweeping the nation. Across the United States, state legislatures appear to be easing their restrictions on marijuana and allowing some medicinal use.


Florida Making Moves for Marijuana

If legalization’s success in Colorado has taught us anything, it’s that pot = profit. Now that the numbers are rolling in, many states are eyeing some form of legalization as well. Florida is one of those states that are on track to usurping Colorado’s Kush Crown. Florida is poised to become the new capital of the “Green Economy.”


‘Cannabis College’ Students Banking on Medical Marijuana

TAMPA, FL - When you think about a college degree you think of things like economics, communications or poli sci. But a group of students in Tampa is learning something that right now is actually illegal to do in the State of Florida.

Florida Medical Marijuana

Florida Weaving Charlotte’s Web

The Miami Herald reported on May 1, 2014, that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) will sign the low-THC “Charlotte’s Web” medical marijuana bill (SB 1030) that the Florida House passed in a landslide vote of 111-7. CBS Miami reports some who might have voted against the bill felt “their hearts were swayed by the stories of parents seeking to help children with severe epilepsy.” Even though the Senate also passed the Bill, the House made some changes that will require the Senate to vote again before the bill goes to Gov. Rick Scott.


Nevada’s Clark County Expects Marijuana

By Richard Farrell Clark County in southern Nevada had just over two million residents in 2011, making it the most populous part of the state. It counts Las Vegas, where most things go easy, as one of the jewels in its crown. Attractions for greener visitors include towering mountains, and deserts with an eclectic range


Cannabis-Rx on the Prowl in Florida

The trio of industrial facilities purchased by Cannabis-Rx in Florida should make good grow and distribution centers if either of these bills passes into law. The buildings are in a depressed area that they could help rejuvenate, and the investment could be wise in more ways than one. Current talk is that Cannabis-Rx may subdivide the space, rent it out, and then finance tenant equipment purchases.

Goldberg Sings Marijuana

Goldberg Sings Whoopee for Weed

What can you say about a great American personality, comedian, singer-songwriter, actress and political activist that has not been said a hundred times before? This time, Whoopi Goldberg beat the media to the post by outing herself, and this is good news for the movement.

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