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Cleveland Cannabis College Opens in Ohio

Cleveland Cannabis College Opens in Ohio

Cleveland Cannabis College Opens in Ohio

Ohioans now can get an education in their state’s medical marijuana program. Richard Pine, an Ohio native, has opened the Cleveland Cannabis College. The college will offer courses in horticulture, history, law and other areas related to medical marijuana. Classes will begin in Fall 2017.

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urban-gro Hires Additional Cultivation Technologists for Growing Commercial Cannabis Client Base

LAFAYETTE, Colo., Nov. 3, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — As the United States experiences rapid growth in the legal commercial Cannabis industry, urban-gro-the product solutions expert for the commercial Cannabis cultivator-has augmented its team with two new staff members including Cultivation Technologies Specialist Lydia Abernethy and Cultivation Technologies Business Coordinator Ben Barrett to the Lafayette, Colo., national headquarters.


29 Days Until Dale Sky Jones Talks Mitigating Risk and Oaksterdam Certification

Dale Sky Jones, the Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University, will be joining the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco this March to discuss how to mitigate your business risk through advocacy, as well as Oaksterdam Certification Training.