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Cannabis Testing for Growers and Dispensaries

Testing Cannabis for the Whole Supply Chain: Growers and Dispensaries

Testing Cannabis for the Whole Supply Chain: Growers and Dispensaries

Why do cultivators of state-legal cannabis test their product? The question may sound naïve but, as we’ll see, it is worth asking.


2016 Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) to Hold Pre-Show Event for Marijuana Investors and Entrepreneurs

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 25, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The 2016 Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) today announced a special Marijuana Investor Summit (MIS) Boot Camp for investors and entrepreneurs, which will take place on February 2 at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center (Portland Expo Center), according to CCC producer Mary Lou Burton.


Oregon Licensing Process: Are You Prepared for Financing?

Interested in taking part of Oregon’s upcoming recreational marijuana market? While the entry barriers for dispensaries in Oregon aren’t as high they are in other states, it still takes a sizable investment to enter the business. And to get funding, companies must be prepared.

Compliance in Oregon

Compliance and Content: Oregonians Prepare for Recreational Marijuana Licensing

Since the passing of Measure 91, Oregon’s path to marijuana legalization has been awash in waves of new legislation. These legislative waves have produced a policy roadmap that can sometimes be difficult to navigate.


5 Key Elements of a Successful Cannabis Consultancy

Signal Bay Inc. (OTC: SGBY), a provider of cannabis consulting, research, data, operations and laboratory services, knows a cannabis consultancy needs five key elements to be successful.

New ‘Medical Marijuana Desk Reference’ Fills Educational Supply Demand

While there is no shortage of medical marijuana product, there is a shortage of easily accessible and comprehensive education for doctors and patients. With its new publication, “Medical Marijuana Desk Reference,” Signal Bay (OTC: SGBY) is working to change that.