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Caps, Lotteries and Scoring: Three Issues in Licensing

Caps, Lotteries and Scoring: Three Issues in Licensing

State licensing rules won’t determine who gets rich in the green rush, but they will determine who won’t. Making the rules is a process that involves balancing policy objectives and weighing the interests of consumers, investors, businesses and the state.

Cannabis Lottery

Growers Challenge Florida MMJ Lottery

Millions of Florida residents waiting to receive non-euphoric medical marijuana may have to wait a little longer. Costa Farms, a Miami-based nursery, has filed a legal challenge to the newly developed rules regarding the roll-out of the non-euphoric strain of medical marijuana, dubbed Charlotte’s Webb.


Colorado Grows as Washington Bets Lottery

On July 1, 2014, whether you knew it or not, the cannabis market in Colorado changed overnight. Expect to see a new wave of Colorado cannabis shops opening up, more jobs being created, and the market becoming even more competitive.