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Sector Conference for Women

Weed Women Connect and Create Investment Opportunities

Weed Women Connect and Create Investment Opportunities

Pot culture has been described as testosterone-fueled boys’ club in which women are objectified as “hot pot babes.” What happens on the stoner side of things seeps insidiously into the world of policy reform and legitimate business. Statistics are scarce, but the legal marijuana industry also seems to be heavily male dominated and more than a little alien for many businesswomen.


7 Marijuana Stocks for a Buzzworthy (But Risky) Pot-folio

With marijuana legalization riding high, investors are looking for ways to play the trend. So far, though, even the biggest companies in this green rush have yet to turn a profit.


Industry Success for Attentive Investors

Whereas 21 U.S. States have legalized medical marijuana and customers are queuing up to buy it, the same is not true of financial institutions. They complain about the heavy fines they could incur if they so much as touch a banknote that smells of pot. This has caused Walgreen, CVS and Rite Aid to stay clear, but it has left the field wide open for new entrants.


Medibles Mobilize in Market

Medibles have mobilized. MagicalButter, a company based in Seattle, unveiled The Samich, a pink and green food truck, at the Cannabis Cup in late April. The Cannabis Chef, an online resource for cooking with cannabis, offers recipes and insight. Jane and Mary Box launch quarterly subscription service, which “provides subscribers with the specialty ingredients and tools required to concoct delicious, gourmet herb-infused edible creations in the comfort of their own home (subscribers only have to provide their own marijuana or infused additives).”


GrowLife Smoking, Industry in Flames?

When the SEC temporarily suspended the trading of GrowLife securities (OTCMKTS: PHOT) on April 10, it sounded an official fire alarm. Maybe GrowLife was simply sending smoke signals, but the SEC’s suspension was lifted yesterday and it appears many investors feared the company was in flames. Forbes reported stocks plummeting 60 percent before lunchtime and by close of trading, the stocks were down 58.17 percent.