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Majority of Canadians

Majority of Canadians Agree Pot Should Be Legal: Poll

Majority of Canadians Agree Pot Should Be Legal: Poll

A strong majority of Canadians agree with the Liberal government’s plan to legalize marijuana, and half of them feel users should be able to grow their own pot at home, a new Globe and Mail/Nanos Research poll has found.

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Weekly CannaBit: Percentage of Americans Living in States Which Have Passed Marijuana Laws

Weekly CannaBit for the week of Feb. 1, 2016: Currently, half of the American population lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal and one-third (35%) live in a CBD-only state. Four states will vote on medical marijuana legalization in 2016.

American Consumers

Where Are the United States’ Biggest Cannabis Consumers? Not Where You’d Expect

After perusing our debut State of the Leaf cannabis infographic, you may have pondered which state in the US has the highest concentration of cannabis consumers. You’re not alone if you guessed Washington or Colorado, the only two states legally selling recreational cannabis, but you would be wrong.