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Legal Adult Marijuana Sales to Begin in Nevada on Saturday

Legal Adult Marijuana Sales to Begin in Nevada on Saturday

LAS VEGAS, June 29, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Legal adult marijuana sales will begin in Nevada on Saturday, making it the fifth state in the nation to establish a regulated marijuana market for adults.

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Illinois General Assembly to Consider Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Regulating and Taxing Marijuana for Adult Use

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., March 23, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — State lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday that would end marijuana prohibition in Illinois and establish a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed for adult use.

Emerging Cannabis Industry Presents Big Opportunities For Investors

Emerging Cannabis Industry Presents Big Opportunities for Investors

An industry previously only regulated by law enforcement leaves tremendous uncertainty for those looking to get into the industry from an investment perspective. Organizations like MJIC are stepping up to provide regulatory support and protection for marijuana operators.

New Jersey Cannabusiness Association

New Jersey Cannabusiness Association Launches

TRENTON, N.J., Jan. 23, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — As the nation continues moving state-by-state towards legalizing medical and adult-use cannabis, more and more entrepreneurs and businesses are staking their claim in this rapidly growing industry. To help guide these businesses through New Jersey’s legal and regulatory environment, a group of business leaders, civic leaders and patient-advocates recently formed a trade association to support the expanding legal cannabis industry.


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Endorses (LEAP) FL Medical Marijuana Initiative

MEDFORD, Mass., Nov. 7, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a nonprofit group of police, judges, prosecutors, and other criminal justice professionals advocating for marijuana reform, endorses Amendment 2.

Arkansas court strikes down a medical marijuana proposal on ballot

Arkansas Court Strikes Down a Medical Marijuana Proposal on Ballot

Voters in the Nov. 8 election in Arkansas will still be able to vote on a separate measure that would allow for the regulated use of marijuana for certain medical conditions, where a state commission oversees plant growth and marijuana distribution.