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Florida TV Ad

Florida Group Releases First Attack Ad Against Amendment 2

Florida Group Releases First Attack Ad Against Amendment 2

In Florida, opponents of marijuana reform have released their first attack ad against Amendment 2, a ballot amendment which would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Morgan's Intoxicated Speech

John Morgan’s Intoxicated Speech Outrages Opponents and No One Else

In this digital age where cell-phones are everywhere, and where every phone has a camera, it is hard to have an embarrassing moment that isn’t captured on film. Of all people, public figures have to watch what they say because someone could always have the camera rolling.

Drug Free Donation

Drug Free Florida’s Dubious Donors

As it has been mentioned before, Florida will be voting on a constitutional amendment in November that will allow for the sale and use of medical marijuana. With 88 percent of Floridians in support, according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, the constitutional amendment is expected to pass with overwhelming support. However there are individuals that seek to undermine the will of the people. They are a small, well funded, group called the Drug Free Florida committee and they seek to “educate” Florida about the “dangers” of marijuana.