U.S. Customs Seizes Containers Protecting Kids from Pot


Federal agency holds shipment of Stashlogix containers at port, refers to product’s aim of keeping cannabis away from kids as reason for ill-conceived seizure

BOULDER, Colo., June 9, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Stashlogix founder Skip Stone was a father of young children when he got the idea for creating a line of locking storage cases. With cannabis legal in Colorado and many other states, and with so many dangerous pharmaceutical products widely prescribed and sitting on medicine-cabinets shelves, he thought parents would appreciate storage cases with built-in combination locks.

Parents across the country championed and purchased Stashlogix bags since the company was founded two years ago. But U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials feel differently about Stone’s child-protection containers. In April the federal agency seized a large shipment of Stashlogix containers in Los Angeles, referring to the product’s “combination lock, used to prevent children from gaining access to the marijuana contained inside,” as drug paraphernalia and justification for the seizure, which threatens the company’s future.

“This devastating action by the federal government makes no sense,” said Stone. “While the seizure appears to be legal, denying parents the ability to simply protect their children from cannabis, which is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia, seems absurdly wrong-headed. We wonder if this action marks a fresh effort by the federal government to interfere with states’ rights relative to cannabis laws and business.”

Stone added: “This is more than just a dramatic setback for Stashlogix, as well as for parents — if seizures and other actions like this this become routine they could mark a new front in the federal government’s approach towards criminalizing cannabis, and cripple many companies seeking success in what is becoming a healthy, vibrant commercial marketplace.”

Stone urges cannabis allies and sympathizers nationwide to add their voices to the growing chorus of support for positive changes towards marijuana policy. Shifts in policy at the federal level through Congressional action will achieve much-needed clarity for the thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses in states across the country that are working hard to hire employees, transform empty storefronts and warehouses into thriving commercial enterprises, pay taxes and contribute toward overall community well-being.

“If a company that literally revolves around keeping kids away from adults’ legal marijuana and pharmaceutical prescriptions falls into the crosshairs of the federal government, then the entire cannabis industry is vulnerable,” said Stone. “Let’s work together to prevent heavy-handed enforcement like this from upending the legal livelihoods of other hard-working business people.”

STASHLOGIX makes thoughtful, secure and discreet personal travel and storage cases designed to keep pharmaceuticals, medications and valuables out of reach of kids, pets, or snoops. Our patented storage cases with integrated combination locks set the standard for personal security for ourselves and those around us.


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