Braddock, Penn., Looks to Medical Marijuana For Economic Revitalization

Braddock, Penn., Looks to Medical Marijuana For Economic Revitalization

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A Pennsylvania town that lost its steel industry 25 years ago hopes a new medical marijuana facility will bring economic revitalization, according to a March 12, 2017, article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Braddock, Penn., lost its steel industry more than 25 years ago and since has been considered a financially distressed community under Pennsylvania’s Act 47. The act requires state oversight of municipalities with substantial financial difficulties.

But the prospect of a medical marijuana facility is encouraging news for the town. Laurel Green Medical of Sewickley, Penn., wants to obtain one of two medical marijuana licenses for growing and processing medical pot in the region. If Laurel Green Medical obtains the license, company officials want to built a 100,000-square-foot space in Braddock.

“The demise of one industry, steel, put us in Act 47 and a new industry, medical marijuana, could pull us out of Act 47,” Braddock Mayor John Fetterman said.

At full capacity, the Braddock facility would grow 17,000 plants and provide 20,000 pounds of medical marijuana and 3,000 pounds of oil each year, according to Greg Gamet of Denver Consulting Group, which would oversee the growing operation. The operation would employ 40-70 people and bring an estimated $1 million in tax revenue for Braddock.

The Braddock Borough Council is scheduled to vote March 14, 2017, on whether to support Laurel Green Medical’s efforts.

Tina Doose, president of the council, said, “There is going to be 100 percent support for this.”

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