Hawaii Approves Third Dispensary to Start Growing Medical Marijuana

Hawaii Approves Third Dispensary to Start Growing Medical Marijuana

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On Feb. 9, 2017, the Hawaii State Department of Health announced that Manoa Botanicals has been approved to start its marijuana cultivation operation, making it the second dispensary in Oahu and the third dispensary in the state to receive such approval.

“We are energized by the state’s current momentum with the dispensary program, but there are still two major challenges before any dispensary can open,” said Brian Goldstein, CEO of Manoa Botanicals, to Pacific Business News. “Those are the certification of testing labs and the integration of the medical marijuana patient registry with the seed-to-sale tracking system.”

While some labs have announced that they are pursuing certification, such as Spectra Analytical Lab and PharmLabs, the state has yet to announce the official certification of any labs. According to Maui News, PharmLabs has been accredited to do lab work in Hawaii and is now waiting for the DOH to perform its final audit.

The DOH has contracted BioTrackTHC to implement the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system.

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