Humboldt State University Surveying Marijuana Businesses in California

Humboldt State University Surveying Cannabis Businesses in California

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The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, based at Humboldt State University, has launched the HIIMR Medical Cannabis Business Registry to capture data on California’s marijuana industry, as reported by The Mendocino Voice.

“We’re trying to get baseline analysis data right now,” said Professor Erick Eschker, Co-Director of HIIMR. “We want to answer the question of what is going on, and how will those regulations affect the industry, and see how it evolves.”

Having launched the business registry two months before California legalized recreational marijuana, HIIMR is still seeking a variety of businesses to join the registry and complete the confidential survey so it can collect enough data to make an informed analysis that accounts for the entire supply chain.

If data security is a concern, the survey explains, “The data we report will be summaries and averages only, and no one will be able to determine your individual responses.”

According to The Mendocino Voice, HIIMR launched a second survey last week to gather data on the manufacture of marijuana concentrates. Through a partnership with the California Department of Public Health, this second survey is being conducted in conjunction with the state’s development of regulations for marijuana manufacturers.

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