iCAN- Israel Cannabis and Breath of Life Pharma Announce Partnership in Israel’s First Private Cannabis R&D Incubator Center


TEL AVIV, Isarel, March 10, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — iCAN- Israel Cannabis and Breath of Life Pharma (BOL Pharma) announced a new partnership to form the first private cannabis R&D incubator center in Israel.

The primary objectives of the new center will be the research and development of new cannabis-related technologies with the goal of successful commercialization.  The center will serve as an incubator for cannabis innovation as well as a validator for cannabis-based medicine, ag-tech and topical product development based on stringent, scientific guidelines and standards.

Dr. Tamir Gedo, CEO of BOL Pharma said, “BOL greenhouses allow developers to use the professional services and knowledge of BOL Pharma, in order to  produce strains, improve growing conditions, GAP, master extraction, formulation and production of materials under GMP conditions and ultimately to enable companies to commercialize their research and go to market.  Together with iCAN- Israel Cannabis, we will incubate companies from all over the world to test and validate medical products for the Global Cannabis market.”

Saul Kaye, Founder and CEO of iCAN- Israel Cannabis said “We are thrilled to partner with BOL Pharma and provide a global incubator and proving ground for Cannabis technology.  We are confident our partnership will enable the most promising start-ups and innovators in Israel and abroad, to create world class products for the Global Cannabis economy.”

The announcement took place at iCAN’s CannaTech International Summit for Accelerating Cannabis Innovation.  CannaTech hosted over 400 guests in their three day Summit including scientists, researchers, investors and businessmen and women from over 15 countries. They all gathered in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to share their knowledge of various medical cannabis innovations and discuss investment opportunities.

About Breath of Life Pharma (BOL Pharma)
Breath of Life Pharma (BOL Pharma), established in 2008, is Israel’s leading medical cannabis, drug development, and CBD, API provider. BOL Pharma operates across the industry value-chain, from growing to finished product, adhering to strict regulatory standards (Global GAP, GMP, FDA, and EMA). BOL Pharma is an official supplier to theIsrael Chief Scientist, Hebrew University, including Prof. Raphael Mechoulam’s lab, Weizmann Institute, Clalit Health Services (Israel’s leading HMO), hospitals, and research Institutes as well as thousands of patients.  To learn more about BOL Pharma, please visit www.bolpharma.com.

About iCAN Israel-Cannabis
iCAN- Israel Cannabis is actively engaged in identifying and accelerating cannabis technologies in Israel. As Cannabis leaders in Israel iCAN-Israel Cannabis has partnered with both public and private entities to create innovative global brands to power the cannabis economy. iCAN is the creator of the CannaTech International Summit for Accelerating Cannabis Innovation which hosted over 400 participants from 15 countries to bring the global leaders of Cannabis research together with investors from around the world. To learn more about iCAN-Israel Cannabis, please visit www.Israel-Cannabis.com.

Laura Kam
Kam Global Strategies

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