Indiana Marine Veteran Pushes For Medical Marijuana Legalization


A U.S. Marine veteran in Indiana has registered a nonprofit organization that will push for medical marijuana legalization in his state, according to an Aug. 22, 2016, article at

Jeff Staker started Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis to convince Indiana legislators to make medical marijuana legal.

“There needs to be an alternative,” Staker said. “For me personally, it’s because for the past 10 years I’ve been on pain medication of one sort or another. And a majority of that I was on oxycodone.”

Staker’s doctor has said he would prescribe medical marijuana if it were legal in Indiana.

“I surprisingly got an overwhelming response in favor,” Staker said. “Obviously I’m not advocating we do recreational use of cannabis in our state.”

Another U.S. military veteran in Indiana described the prescription habits of Veterans Affairs clinics.

“I started going to the VA and from there it was pills, pills, pills,” Stephen Tarter said last year. “Nobody leaves without a grocery sack of pills.”

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